The Curious Case Of A Trench Coat!

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Today, I really wanted to talk about one of my favorite piece of clothing, its a trench coat. The story of a trench starts in 1850s for British and French Soldiers to look awesome and stay warm. While this amazing classic uniform that was clearly designed and manufactured for men, its pretty evident that we women look way better and badass in them. And I have always been a big fan of a classic trench coat and the way it looks and how powerful it makes you feel as well.

Its not only a power suit but its also one of the most versatile piece of outerwear that you need in your closet. It works for all season and can be worn with any outfit as well. You can wear it with jeans, pants, skirts or even really casual outfits. I always have loved the versatility of any piece of clothing because that means you can wear it with anything and makes it more wallet friendly that way. 

The trench coat is just one of those pieces, it is a classic, timeless piece that never goes out of style, no matter which color you wear and the simple yet structured silhouette makes it perfect with anything and calls a certain attention to itself. No wonder it was designed to be a uniform for one of the most prestigious jobs. 

Trench Coat with Jeans
Trench Coat With Denim Skirt

A lightweight trench coat is the perfect summer outerwear which can used with any summer outfit to add a bit more warmth for those of us who kind of feel cold pretty fast. I have always been one of those, who the moment the sun is down feels like she needs layer to feel cozy. And the best part is that you can also wear it like a dress, belting it which is awesome because, it complete gives out the James Bond vibes. 

I have styled it with jeans, a slip dress and denim skirt, all three very different styles and yet turned into a classic and more structured look with a trench coat. The trench coat that I am wearing is from Mango, and is a cotton blend which is perfect for summer evening breeze. 

I have also linked some budget friendly trench coats that are actually good quality which will last you guys for a while. 

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