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5 Steps Guide to Your Wardrobe Makeover That Works For YOU


In this post, I am sharing 5 steps to clearing out your closet and organizing clothes that will maximize your wear and help you build a wardrobe that you will love for years. 

If you are reading this, you are on your way of creating or are having challenges in even finding anything in your closet that you love and want to wear. 

If so, you have come to the right place. I will give you a simple 5 step guide to creating your most wearable closet ever. You dont need to be or style like someone to have your dream wardrobe, your style is the key to your closet, because it reflects you and I believe that is the key to building your dream closet. So, this guide is truly customized to anyone’s style and any size of closet.

If you are looking for a guide to do closet organizing and declutter. Checkout this post where I share a step by step guide for Decluttering.

How To Make The Most Of Your Existing Wardrobe – A Step By Step Guide to Organizing

Step 1: Figure Out Your Style Personality?

This is not a quiz and you are definitely not molded into one style, all those categories of styles are so blended now, that even major fashion brands are creating fusion fashion.

This is the age of fusion fashion and style. And, I love that so much, because I don’t have to fit my style into a category. I love bits and pieces of different styles.


Take Pinterest as inspiration or use a Pinterest board to save all your photos. I usually keep an board for all my outfit inspirations that sometimes helps me making shopping decisions.

Classic pieces work for me a lot, but I don’t like the boring black and white, I prefer colors that blends into Bohemian style.

But, I am not particularly a fan of Ponchos, or Kimonos, I like more modern structures. This was to give you an idea of how you want to think about your personal style. 

Find what you like the most by identifying what are your most favorite outfits in your closet which you would wear and rewear in a heart bit. And also, look for styles that you prefer for your everyday outfit because that’s the most important style in your closet. You dont create a closet for occasion wear, you create it for everyday wear.

Pick out your favorite everyday styles, and don’t restrict yourself, have fun, you might realize that you have probably 10 – 15 outfit styles that you most likely would go for or on the other hand, you might only have 5 everyday styles that you fall back. Does not matter, pay attention to that. 

Its ok, if it takes you a few days, or even a month to do that. I realized that before blogging, in my 20s, I had a way of never repeating my outfits at least for a month, which was bad, but it kind of made me keep a mental journal of my outfits.

If you have a tough time doing that, take a picture of your outfit or you can right it out down while on a coffee break at work or scroll down and download the checklist where I have weekly sheets for you.

Whatever works, but what I recommend at least trying for a month before you jump into any conclusion, here is why. Initially when you start, you might be consciously dressing but there will be days, when you would wear things without paying attention, and those are key days. 

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Step 2: Figure Out What Your Basics Are!

Stop, don’t cringe, read on for more, because this is going to change your entire perspective of what basic is in anyone’s closet.

For the longest, I always thought, when stylist or anyone says basic items for my closet, I just have to just buy everything that they have or are recommending. I cannot tell you how wrong I was in that.

The Basic items in every women’s closet define different things. Your lifestyle defines what your go to pieces in your closet are, and yes they are your basics.

Lets expand this shall we, and I will take my wardrobe as an example. As far as I could remember, I have love colors, sure, I love white, black and neutral, but most of the times, I go for colorful pieces that define my personality and my style.


So, if I bought 5 pair of basic whites, basic blacks or nude, I dont think so I will actually get much wear out of it. On the other hand, I noticed that I love statement tees for summer and turtlenecks for winter, but I shy away from sweatshirts because lets just say that I dont like wearing them. So, what do you think I should be buying more, ofcourse, things that I would wear the most.

Its so important to first realize what your basics are before either buying more or organizing your closet around. When you are trying to figure out what they are, please give yourself room for change, dont be rigid.

Our wardrobe is a reflection of our personality. I am a strong believer of that, which means that it will grow with you and change as your thoughts will change, so its critical that you pay attention to the change.

I usually come up with a list of at least 20 items that I wear most frequently and then kind of pay attention to it as I am wearing them to know how many times I go for those items in general.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to rememberer all of this. I have a small worksheet for you that will make it all easy to do.

Step 3: Statement Pieces You Need

A lot of people say that you need to have mostly basics in your closet and you can create stylish outfits from it, though it is true its not completely true. Its important that you find that one or more statement pieces that takes your outfit to the next level.

I call them Show Stopper pieces. The common  mistake that a lot of girls or women make when buying statement pieces is that they only shop for statement pieces, hahaha.

Let me explain, when you find a really cute top, or that skirt that you are looking for, don’t ever only think about one way to wear unless you are looking for your special occasion pieces which I will get to soon. You should at least be able to pair it with 5 items in your already existing pieces before you swipe your card for that item. 

I didnt tell you that it was going to be easy, but let’s put our eyes on the prize shall we, most wearable wardrobe and take a deep breath.

I think you are back on track now, so let’s continue. Its so important that any new piece that we are buying will blend with our existing pieces otherwise, it probably will be worn just once and you will hate that you wasted all that money for just one occasion. 

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I have been there and done that, so don’t feel bad if you are on the same boat. 

You also need to do this to all your existing statement piece. Check those snake print boots( Trust me, I have it too) and try to see how many ways you can wear it. And make sure, its not just one or two. 

Step 4: Special Occassion Pieces

This is a must and a must. You definitely need this in your closet. I know Capsule Wardrobe is a thing and a lot of us feel guilty of having too many clothes. But I am not here to preach minimalism, I am here to help you build your dream wardrobe and wear everything you have.  

Special Occasion pieces (Pay attention, I am talking about pieces and not outfits) are the key to having fun with your style. These are the pieces that I would take out and wear when I want to look and feel special or have a special event in mind. 


And most importantly, you don’t feel like you have to go shopping every time these events come. Yes, for extremely special occasions and in my case religious occasions, there is a need to buy something new, but what I am about to tell you, you can actually use it for those purchases and you will be good to go.


Always look for pieces and not the whole outfit for a special occasion unless it demands.

Which means, say for example I usually don’t wear stilettos everyday, but I love them for special occasion which makes me feel pretty. But I don’t really need 15 pairs of high heels. I can just do with one or two for my wardrobe. And in this case when I go shopping, I will make sure, I have one black and one white or nude depending on what my got to party wear is. If you have only one choice, go for black, it even goes with white outfits.

The same rule applies to clothes as well, and the key here is to actually buy separates, yes, we all love dresses, but the sad part is that we wear them once and then feel guilty of repeating then in the next coming event and you know where the rest of the story goes.

I am not saying not to buy dresses, but limit them. Instead go for skirts and tops. Oh Gosh, the moment I realized this, my whole life changed, the pressure of buying new clothes for every single girls night out or parties was completely gone, I bought cool trousers, skirts, even shorts and bought tops and jackets that can all be easily paired with basics and we are ready for party without spending thousands of dollars on only occasion wear which is such a waste of money I tell you. 

And the best part of separates are that you can dress them down to make it casual or classic. This is more of an exercise for you for future purchases and identifying what those really occasion wear are. 

Step 5: Let Go!

We have reached the step that most of us dread at least my husband does. This is actually my favorite part, because, this helps me clear my mind and most importantly makes room for in my closet for new finds that I will actually fall in love with.

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Don’t be scared, this step is so important and actually most important step to creating a wardrobe that you can love and wear again and again. If you hold on to pieces that you will really not wear at all, then you are only creating clutter and potentially hiding pieces that you will wear a lot behind that clutter literally. It happens! When you have too many clothes hanged, you might skip pieces that you would have otherwise, worn.

So, now that you are somewhat convinced, lets do this. And dont worry, I wont make you throw away all your clothes. Please go ahead and download the worksheet, which is a tiny checklist that will help you through the process. 

What I want you to do is to only work with pieces that you have not worn in like a year, why, because every season we swap out our winter to summer closet. If you are in that process right now, this is the best time to do the purge.

Use the checklist to identify what category each item falls in, and remember your statement, and special occasion pieces should be only like 15 to 20% of your closet and not more (Approximately).

Also, think about a trendy piece that you are holding on just because you think it might come back, remember a trend comes back with a slight style change, so really pay attention, if that one piece is a true classic trend that will come back again. If thats the case, you can keep it, but make sure to revisit it the next year to evaluate.

Once you have sorted out all the categories, you probably have reached a point where you know that the shirt or blouse that you are still hanging onto for 5 years is not something that you would wear in any given scenario and those are the pieces that you need to give up.

While you are getting rid of them, try and see if you can donate the piece, or even sell it, like for example that leather jacket which does not fit you anymore but is still in a great condition can be sold in Poshmark or Thred Up for some cash that you can put towards something else that you love. (This is not a sponsored post).

Hope this post gave you some inspiration to finally take the plunge in rediscovering and creating you dream and most wearable wardrobe.  

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below! Remember to this post to your Pinterest board so you can easily get back to this post when you are ready for your DREAM WARDROBE MAKEOVER.

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