Activewear for Fall And Staying Active with Family!

As we move into September which I can’t even believe that is already here, we start dreaming about cooler breeze and all the earthy hues everywhere around us. When the days get shorter and the nights cooler where we want to cozy up near the fireplace, we tend to forget to stay active and all other goals that we had sworn on in the beginning of summer.

I always like to invest in some new activewear which can motivate me to get back in the game and stay focused in achieving my goals. Ofcourse we cannot all just transform our entire wardrobe, but I always believe in slowly building my collection piece by piece. I am a believer of sustainable fashion which means that I love to keep wearing my clothes over and over again. I love good quality activewear because, we all have to be honest that we want the clothes to stand all the activities that we will be doing in them.

I am a power lifter kind of a gal so, quality leggings and sports bras are a must.

I have always admired the quality and style of Lululemon activewear, and the gorgeous terra cotta colored leggings that is so earthy and fall inspired. Ofcourse the quality of the leggings are marvelous. The fabric is not only light weighted which is just hugs your body and becomes second to skin which is key to feeling comfortable while working out.

I loved the color so much that I actually bought a matching jacket for my darling husband. I wanted to be matchy matchy and of course I was tired of him wearing black jackets. I love how we can be a couple now at the gym.

Legging // Jacket

Sharing some of my favorite fall hues with you all to bring back your inspiration to the gym

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