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Are Baggy Jeans The New Skinny Jeans For Women?


Who is excited with me about this! And this denim inspired me to write this post actually! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would ever not wear  skinny jeans and now, all I have in my closet are relaxed fit jeans. But the jeans that I totally fell in love this season are Baggy jeans. And yes some of us picture ourselves with the retro 1970s vintage denims and outfits and maybe cringe a little. I am with you there, because I was for the longest a skinny jeans gal. So, let me tell you why I changed my legion. 

I have always enjoyed low to mid rise skinny jeans all my youth to show off the flat belly and now that my daughter is turning 13 soon, I am starting to understand how funny I must have sounded then. It was all about the body hugging or more like showing. Born a skinny kid and getting those curves in your teens, all you care about is showing them off and looking as slim as possible. Looking like cindy crawford or Brookeshield. I also had my Indian actress favorites that I admired.

But that shifted after my daughter was born, I didnt have that flat core to show off. And I was more than glad to discover High Waisted Jeans, If you haven’t ventured into that category, I would recommend you do so ASAP. They are the most comfortable genre of jeans you could find. Everything feels more put together with them. And I mean down there! Yes, it is the core strength I never had!! It is flattering and yet comfortable, two combinations that are actually rare in a clothing piece sometimes!


And last year when I found my first baggy jeans from Mango which I featured in my Fall Look Book, I swear, I felt like I found my soulmate (in jeans, but you get what I am saying)! They were the jeans, that I didn’t think I could live without. The pleated fit, were perfect for work and weekends. I also travelled with it for my Caribbean trip and could not have been happier with the comfort that I felt. It was sweatpants disguised in the shape of jeans.

When I saw these Balloon baggy jeans from Levis, It was absolute love at first sight. I just imagined myself wearing this jeans in so many ways, that even though I tried really hard to resist it, I could not. I ended up trying it in the store and purchasing it. And let me tell you I probably am going to be living in them.

The fit of these jeans are just fantastic just like any other Levis jeans. Being high waisted and still baggy is a tough combination which can compromise the boddy hugging part for most denims, but this garment has mastered that. The waist line is perfectly fitted till the thigh gap, which gives amazing support. I didnt think these jeans would fit my waist, but they shape them perfectly. And at the same time, they hug them comfortably without making it too stiff which I have felt in some rigid denim fabrics.

Now let’s get to the best part, the baggy legs are just so extremely flattering to my otherwise skinny calves that it almost creates a perfect hourglass silhouette for me which only happens in flowy skirts and dresses.

Thats right guys!! This denim fit is perfect for women with straight figure or as I call it women with more life experience  (hahaha) After having Saanvi, I can never call myself hourglass because, no matter how many ab reps I do, I still felt like my waist look straight. And having longer skinnier legs were not helping either. These jeans perfectly balances that out. The bagginess of the fit adds the extra inches to the hip that I dont have and makes my whole figure more hourglass. 

I had my doubts that I could probably only wear them with sneakers and Tees or something, because I really wanted to feel like this always. So, I tried it out in 3 different styles and I have to tell you they passed every test with flying colors. You can dress them up like me and dress them down in every way possible, making it a versatile piece in your closet which will last you year after year because lets face it, the are Levis

I picked out a light denim wash because, I actually didnt have a jeans in that color and I wanted to wear this all Spring and summer and forever. The first look was for Valentine’s day friday where I paired them with my pink print top and white booties and they just look amazing and I got so many compliments, that I got my money’s worth in a day’s wear. Hahaha! I was comfy and cute in them all day.

My second look works perfect in the corporate world where you have to wear a dress shirt and pumps and how flattering these jeans look! They hug the body perfectly to flatter the loose fit blouse and look dressier than slacks dont they. With a low or high heel pumps, you are ready to takeover the world.

The third look is more of a party look, and all I did was wear a fitted bodysuit and blazer which is perfect for happy hours as well as girls night out. The jeans actually felt so dressy with a pair of sandals that at the same time, it was so comfortable that I can eat and drink and still feel flattering a comfortable in it. 

I felt powerful and yet feminine in the jeans which is usually rare because we always thought of jeans as being a very casual piece of clothing. But not this one! These jeans are here to change the world!

Now, these jeans come in 3 washes which I have linked below for you guys to shop quickly because they are selling out like hot cake! I also linked different retailers who carry them.  Now, I cannot guarantee that they will not get sold out because they are just the best jeans for the price point, so I would recommend snagging. them as soon as possible. 

THEY DO RUN TRUE TO SIZE! ( I am a size 28 and bought a size 28 with length 26)

In case you missed these and now are dying to get some balloon baggy jeans, I have linked some similar ones that other brands have launched. 


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