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Back To School Shopping Must Haves!

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Back To School Shopping Must Haves!

All the essentials for your little fashionista!

Honestly, I can say that as my daughter’s years in school progressed my energy for shopping for her back to school items went down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Sorry, didn’t mean it that I don’t care about having all her back to school items being ready before school. Its just like having your first baby. You are so anxious and excited in so many ways, for the day and want to make sure everything would be perfect. Ready for the snap on the day, but as the years progress, you know exactly what to expect.

And trust me, by Middle school you are seasoned with what to get and when would be the best time. You know longer want to fight it out in the target isles for that one binder that your kid loves. Ok, I didn’t mean to bring it down or something, but you know with experience your response change.

But this year, I am hit by a new problem. My daughter has now turned into a Vintage fashionista. She loves everything vintage. And has an opinion on everything. Things get complicated when that happens doesn’t it.

But thanks to online shopping, which we can all do from the comfort of our houses, we don’t have to stress on any of the Back to school shopping. Sharing my Amazon list for BTS shopping.

1. Caption Binder // 2. Floral Binder // 3. Scissors // 4. Pencil Color // 5. Whiteboard Eraser // 6. Text Book Cover // 7. Markers // 8. Pencil pouch // 9. Sticky note // 10. Ball point Pen // 11. Geometry Set // 12. Mechanical Pencil // 13. Highlighter // 14. Pencil // 15. College Rulled Paper // 16. Tape Dispenser // 17. Paperclip Holder // 18. Ruler

Ok, now that we have gone through all this, I will share my favorite Firstday look to school

Back to school outfit

1. T shirt Dress // 2. Bomber Jacket // 3. Backpack // 4. Lunchbag // 5. Sneakers // 6. Sunglasses // 7. Smart Watch // 8. Necklace // 9. Bracelet // 10. Water Bottle

Doesn’t that look cute! Also, sharing some more options below for variety:

All the cute dresses that I am drooling over! I always wonder why can’t they make them in adult sizes, or its just that they look cuter in kids sizing.

Sharing some really cute jackets, that will work from summer through fall till of course she grows out of it:

I always love cute shoes, specially this year, I am so glad that brands have added so many cute sneakers styles for every price range for kids:

And ofcourse Backpacks, and lunch bags which are so important:

Let me know your thoughts, or if you like me to try a different style of clothing for these little (not that little anymore) wonders.

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