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A Guide to Best Colored Sunglasses for Women – My Favorites under $200

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I literally live in colored sunglasses, so there is no surprise that I wanted to create this post and share with you my absolute favorites, and all of them are under $200 including designer ones. So, if you are like me who is a fan of colored sunglasses, then checkout the post. 

I am also sharing which kinds you should pick. And how to determine the best colored sunglasses for your skin tone.

Just like any regular sunglasses, you also need to be careful picking out these tinted sunglasses because they are not one size fits all. I mean what would the fun if it was.

I can skip makeup, but I never leave the house without a pair of Sunglasses!

I know that sounds such a clichè, but what can I say, I love sunglasses. 

What I am covering in this post:

Why Should You Buy Tinted Sunglasses?

This is something I absolutely understand, and before I started wearing them, I asked myself too. For my skin tone the answer is simple and I am not at all being disrespectful to anyone. So, please don’t take it the wrong way. 

When I put on a completely black pair of sunglasses, I look like a blind person!

And its just not me, my Husband also looks like a blind dude with them. So in general, if the sun is not extremely bright and there is no need to block all of that light, there is actually no need to wear black tinted sunglasses. 

Found this excellent article which will convince you better that I can!

The article also talks I depth of what tints work best for which type of activities you are doing. As well as clarifies an important myth that we all have about sunglasses, darker sunglasses are more protective.

If you are like me and don’t really enjoy looking at yourself in completely black sunglasses, then tinted glasses are fo you. 

They don’t have to be completely light, there are plenty of tinted colored sunglasses with darker tints like blues, browns, grays.

What Type Of Tint Would Look Good?

I hate to make any rules here. If you look good in it, you should definitely wear it. But there is a general guide to what colors look good you on. 

If you have a darker skin tone, in general warm tones or fun tones like blues, greens, yellows, pinks will look better than browns or grays because of the color contrast. 

if you have a lighter skin tone, and don’t want your tinted glasses to over power your look, then you should do the opposite, go for browns and grays. But pale shades of all the other colors would also look great. 

My Favorite Tinted Sunglasses:

I am going to divide them by different shapes and suggest what face shapes will rock them the best. 

This will make it a bit easier to decide which ones will look the best on you.

Square Shaped Tinted Sunglasses

This is one of the easiest styles that anyone can pull of. Specially if you go for oversized sunglasses, they look amazing and I love how I can wear them and don’t even have to bother with makeup.

But if you have a really long face type or have a square jaw, you can avoid these ones, because it will add more boxy shape to your face. 

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Round Shaped Tinted Sunglasses

Round Shaped sunglasses are a perfect way to add a feminine and retro touch to your overall look. And I absolutely love oversized ones. 

But if you have a round face, maybe avoid this. There are other shapes which look way better on you anyways.

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Aviator Sunglasses

These are the universal shape that everyone rocks. There is a certain fun aspect as well as power aspect to the shape itself. DON’T YOU THINK?

And so, its obvious I also love the tinted ones just as much. 

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Geometric Shaped Sunglasses

Geometric shapes are the new retro trend. And I absolutely love them. And really anyone can rock these styles. The only recommendation would be do go a bit oversize because then the shape would compliment your face and not overpower it and this can age your look too.

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I hope you find something that you will enjoy. Tell me what is your Go To Pair of Sunglasses and why you love them so much. 

The Woman Behind The Blog

I am Suchibaksmita aka Suchi

I am a Techie turned Fashion Blogger with a 14 year old and a complicated history of trying to find my style and confidence back after having my daughter at an early age. 

I have finally found a happy medium where I don’t worry about my body instead enjoy my style my way and I want to help you with exactly that. 



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