Best Pool Slide Sandals That Can Be Worn Everyday


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Checkout some of my favorite pool slides sandals that look so cute and nice that you can also wear them outside with your everyday clothes as well. I am sharing 6 of my favorite pool slides that are really high quality as well as look stylish enough to be worn with your regular clothes as well. 

I have been shopping for an upcoming beach vacation and was looking for pool or beach slides, but I also wanted it to be versatile so I can wear it with other clothes that I am packing with me as well. And this made me think that I am sure you must be looking for something similar that is versatile enough for everyday use and not just as a poolside slides like our beach flip flops.

These 6 slides are something I would totally buy myself and wear everyday. 

Seychelles Low Key Slides

This actually had caught my early spring when I was browsing through Anthropologie, and I finally decided to pull the plug on them. I bought two colors as these are available in so many different shades, but this peach color with ombre straps really called out to me. 

It looks super cute with the tan that I have started developing and will get even more tanned on my trip. The lilac and mint does not overpower the peach, so they look so cohesive together. 

I also love that the slides are not super chunky which honestly I feel like makes the outfit look frumpier. A way to see if the slides are not chunky or look bulky on your feet are when you can literally see most of the sides from the top view. These ones look slick and hence are much more elevated. 

With the dimensional details of the straps, I can easily wear them with everyday clothes and look like I am wearing regular slides. The material also does not look cheap at all with part leather upper.

In this outfit I am wearing it with a printed midi skirt and padded shoulder T shirt which looks so chic and stylish even if I am wearing a pool slide. The slides do not at all look out of place in this look. 

Aqua Braided Slides

These are actually a chunkier slides that still look elevated and stylish for such good price. The woven details of the straps look really stylish. They are actually giving me all of the Bottega Veneta inspiration.

The sole of the slides are thick and will be so comfortable. This is the biggest reason slides have been so popular. The thick soles add a feet support which is perfect for walking. But what strikes me are the groves in the sole which adds more detail to the slides and also look so stylish. 

It looks as if there was some though put into the design of the slides and honestly these look like an elevated everyday casual slides. You can wear them with shorts or even T shirt dresses and still look stylish and elevated. And they are reasonably priced for the style.


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In this look, I think even with the slides being so casual, it will look chic and feminine when paired with a front tie crop top and a bias skirt. As I always say, with the right styling, you can always come up with great outfits.

Steve Madden Drips Slides

Steve Madden is one of my favorite footwear brands because these are the best budget friendly and yet really high quality shoe brand you can ever find. And so far I have never been disappointed by the brand ever. So it is natural that I will be loving some of the slides that they have this year. 

This one is just perfect for summer which the rainbow straps that will work perfectly with any colored outfit you wear this season. I love how all the colors of the straps are bright and yet they look so good together and compliment the cord sole perfectly. 

The synthetic sole is non slip for pool side so they are also perfect for everyday walking. And they are also not too chunky making them look super cute for everyday use. And on a great price point. 

I had to create a black outfit that will actually make the slide colors pop and look really fun. The dress is short and with the puff sleeves looks so chic, but with the slides it does not look dark or boring.

Birkenstock Criss Cross Slides

Birkenstock are one of the most famous beach footwear, and for a good reason. The slides are more laidback and effortless pair of slides. The brand has so many color options, but this yellow spoke to me the most. 

The bright color compliments the tan sole as well. The small holes on the strap also add more details to the slides and look chic. The part that called out to me the most was the gold buckle which looks so stylish and blends well with the yellow color of the footwear. 

This is probably the reason why these slides are a bit more expensive, but because they are Birkenstock, I absolutely think they are worth the investment. You can pair them with linen pants and these would look so chic. 

I promise it will be the last black outfit, but I wanted to show you that you can pair darker tone pieces with a bright pair of footwear like these slides and it will still look summer ready and fresh. I honestly wear way more black in summer than in winter. 

Sam Edelman Annalisa Slides

There has to be a Sam Edelman footwear as well because this brand is absolutely stepping up their designs and pricing options and they keep getting better. These slides look so chic with all the color contrast. They also come in other colors, but I think a pair of black strap ones always looks more stylish and elevated. 

The thicker straps always looks much more comfortable and the quilted style is what helps the slide stay on. 

I usually am skeptical about slides because they often slip out if the straps are not thick enough, but with these ones, you absolutely do not have to worry about that at all. The logo details on the side adds a luxurious touch. This is something that you see in Luxury brands and Sam Edelman is quickly establishing itself as one with that detail. 

The two tone soles look really stylish and comfortable as well. The slides also are not too chunky or the soles too deep so your feet will not look buried in them like a lot of other brands. This is why the slides look better for everyday use, because they won’t over power any of your outfits. 

I wanted to share an easy denim outfit that looks effortless and how these slides are elevating the entire outfit. The complete look cohesive and stylish but at the same time its also effortless which we want everyday.

Steve Madden Braided Slides

These double woven strap slides are similar in style to Aqua ones, but they look way more stylish because of the two tone and they are also cheaper. If you are looking for a black pair of everyday slides that also look more stylish, this ones would definitely be one of them.

The coffee colored straps look so stylish and actually are chunkier compared to the Aqua Slides. Because of the loose knit design they look exactly like the Bottega Veneta. The weave style also adds a touch of luxury to the chunky slides because they look more comfortable and relaxed.

I love the coffee or chocolate color in footwear because they just look rich compared to other colors. And with the price point, they are actually a steal that would be good investment for your summer wardrobe and you can also wear them on your beach vacations.  

These slides will blend so well with everything, that is why I created this outfit with a mix of colors and a blend of tan with the straw hat and handbag that look so well with the woven slides. This is an awesome business casual outfit as well that you can wear to work or also an elevated brunch outfit.

I hope you found your pair within these slides that you can wear with your daily outfits and not just to the pool. And are you headed somewhere fun this summer?

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