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I am not really a trend kind of gal! That’s right, but I am still talking about this because, we do see trends always in fashion and that’s what keeps our style interesting year after year. But, when I say I am not a trend person, its because I would probably, not jump with the idea of a trend the moment its out and buy all the available things in that trend. I prefer letting a trend settle down a little before I go ahead and try it just because, when a new trend is launched in the market, you probably don’t see the best version in the first go. So, I like to save my money for the better price and quality of the trend. I have just started some of these trends recently.

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Anyways, this post is not about all trends, its just about biker shorts, which I have to be honest, I hated initially (that’s probably my reaction for all trends, I always hate them in the beginning), but as I saw more products in the market, more instagram photos, more fashion photos, runway videos, it just kind of grew on me. You know what I mean right, when you look at something for a long time, your brain starts accepting it.

So, its obvious that once Chanel, Fendi, and other brands on Runways styled these shorts, all major celebrities and fashionistas started rocking them. And, thats how I got really tempted to get them too.

Tee (similar) // Shorts // Cap

I did also publish a video on biker shorts styling them in a little different way which I will share below as well. But, this post is about why i finally started wearing them, and how to easily get on board this trend without buying a whole new closet to wear the outfit. Biker shorts or bicycle shorts are actually an activewear piece of clothing. Now, wearing activewear everyday, is also a trend in itself that I think is becoming a style and is now a new style for which fashion brands are launching clothing collection which is called Athleisure. Now, I am not trying to give you guys a fashion term 101, its more like a story about why these biker shorts made it to our day to day wear from just wearing then while biking.

Shorts // Top (similar) // Sunglasses // Sneakers

Biker shorts in the gym.

I just started with 1 pair, because let’s face it, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to try this trend or would look good in it. I bought the high waisted shorts from Nordstrom to try it out in the gym. And the obvious choice is a black biker shorts. Though I would love to have a white one, I decided to go for a black, because you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty, and they pretty much go with every top sweatshirt or jacket as well as shoes. And you know this already, so lets not drag on.

The best part about the shorts was the high waisted part, which made it comfortable to wear everywhere with core support and looked super flattering. The shorts also have pockets on the side which are great to keep my phone in (just like regular shorts, but bigger pockets Yes!!).

I have pretty much styled it with different kinds of statement tees (thats what I call the slogan tees). And a pair of sneakers or converse, and you have your perfect Athleisure style for summer.

Statement Tee // Shorts // Shoes // Sunglasses

Since I started wearing the biker shorts, I probably have not gone back to leggings for any kind of casual outfits, because they are just comfortable, stylish and flattering as well. And so eventually I bought a camo color because, that is a color I have rarely seen for leggings. I paired it with my current fav Rolling stone statement tee from Mango. A white t shirt will also go great with the camo color shorts. I love the cool color combination for both. Posted a pic below for that.

Trying to take a blogger selfie!

I am also sharing some of my hike pics from Arizona, which was a huge success thanks to the shorts. It made my whole hiking look stylish without any effort. I know, i know, you are like Come on, you just went for a hike, you don’t have to look stylish there. But well, I am a little weird that way. I love fashion, and everything needs to look good. Live by that motto actually 😜

Statement Tee // Shorts // Shoes // Sunglasses

Sharing some biker shorts you might like, and the video where I styled the biker shorts in a different way.

Comments are always welcome. It would keep me going. So, let me know your thoughts. I have used affiliate links in the post. Any clicks will support your gal! 😘

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