Busy Girl’s Guide To Manicure At Home – Tips and Tricks


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Busy Girl’s Guide To Manicure At Home – Tips and Tricks

Yes, we all know what this means. I probably never have time to paint my nails. I love the thought of going to a nail salon and getting pampered every week, but let’s be honest, we cannot afford that, so the alternative is painting at home every week.

Its funny, I paint my nails right after dinner or sometimes before dinner, which does not allow much drying time and we all know what we end up with the next day. This was until I found these awesome products.

I always start off with the cuticle rehab gel from Sally Hansen. I apply this after removing my nail paint and keep it for a few minutes so that the nail and my skin absorbs the moisture. I then clean my nails with a wet cotton so clean any extra gel and prepare for my next step.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab

Base Coat is something that I never miss. I use the Mega Strength Hardener from Sally Hansen which acts as a protective layer for my nails ( We all need this don’t we). This also helps my nail paint not to chip or peel.

Painting my nails with Sally Hansen Mega Strengthener base coat.

Then, you can use your favorite nail color, I apply 2 coats, sometimes 3 which depends on the pigmentation of the color. Now, the next step is the magic step that makes everything is easy and drying fast.

Smith and Cult Nail Paint

We, all love Gel manicure that we get in the nail spas, thanks to Sally Hansen, we can now do that at home. Yay!! I am like jumping with joy sharing this with you all because hell, my nail paint stays intact for a week for sure and I don’t have to pay a lot to get that. All you need is Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat and it just makes any regular nail paint with a gel finish.

Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat

Yes, there are many brands out there now with the same concept, and trust me I have tried them all. But, with confidence, I can tell you that this gel top coat and if you are interested in there Gel nail colors, that’s like Cherry on top, it will not disappoint you. I apply just one coat and sit and relax and watch some TV, and by the time I am done with a 30 minutes show (to be honest, we don’t have any 30 minutes shows anymore). And makes my nails and my wallet so happy.

Sally Hanse Gel Top Coat

Let me know in the comments whether you have tried it, or your new experience.



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