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California Spring – Sweaters, Boots & Shorts – And A Story

California Spring – Sweaters, Boots & Shorts – And A Story


California Spring - Shorts, Sweater & Boots - A Story

When we were shooting for this post, it was extremely windy and extremely cloudy. Hahaha? Welcome to the California Spring Weather which is totally unpredictable and is not at all warm. You never know when you would need a warm coat, and you literally have to dress in layer because it might be really sunny and warm like 5 miles away.

To be honest, Northern California gets warmer towards June, which is actually summer. Sometimes I blame my Indian skin for not being able to tolerate the cold breeze. Yes, I was born in Tropical India and that means that I am a more of warm weather and beach kind of person. And more like shorts person. And you must be thinking, and who doesn’t right! Yes, if I could I would live in shorts, when I was younger, I couldn’t wear shorts though because of a lot of reasons but mostly feeling uncomfortable, being stared at and Cat called. While a lot of people ignore it or think this is just drama, I know as a teenager and growing up not feeling safe in the streets, affects your self confidence pretty badly, and I was there too. Anyways, I dont want you guys to be dragged to a bad memory lane, I am for sure over all of that. Infact I embrace my weirdness of having longer legs.


Since, I do have longer legs than my torso, which means that short shorts or Hot pants is what they were called then look really short on me, and as my husband sometimes points out, it appears that I am literally wearing nothing, hahaha! So, for me picking out shorts that are of the right size is really important. I usually go for a bit longer shorts that go mid thigh, so just in case they are a bit longer, I can trim them. Yes, gals, you can easily trim your jeans or shorts to create a raw hem style which is an awesome twist to the look. I call it a rough modern edge to the classic denim style.

These Levis Vintage shorts were the perfect style that I needed to start the spring with. They are rigid, which I love, because stretchy denim usually looses its shape pretty quick. The soft rigidness of these jeans help keep everything in place, and can I say that they are High waisted as well. Cheers to that!


And ofcourse, if you are chilly, wearing boots is the easiest way to add a bit of warmth, but the reason I chose these boots are because, first the lace details are my favorite, giving me all the vintage bohemian vibe of the early 1900. Second, the leather is not thick as well, so it means that I can keep on wearing them till Summer. I was eyeing these ones from Revolve and I am so glad I bought them, because you will probably see me wearing them a lot. They will work great with skirts and dresses and jeans and why not invest in a pair of multipurpose boots.
They are from the brand called Raye which is a relative new brand in my collection but I was always curious to try them when I would browse through revolve’s website.

Untitled design-11

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There is a funny story behind this sweater, and I am not sure whether you will find it funny, but I will share it anyways. I was actually walking in the mall, and saw this sweater on the mannequin at the Lucky Brand Store, and my eyes caught it. I have been looking for a Pink Stripe sweater that would be oversize and lightweight which will be perfect for spring, and I thought I found it there. I tried looking for it in the store and no luck, but thank God the sales associate tracked it for me. I am usually a size small for all sweaters, so I thought it would be the same for this one too. As I was making the purchase, I thought of trying them which I never do for any store purchase, except if I am buying a designer product. And am I glad I did. The sweater fit me perfectly which was not what I wanted, I wanted it to look oversized, but I had already fallen in love with the sweater and planned in my mind how I would wear it, so I bought the size medium, and skipped the bag and packed it with my daughter’s Abercombie purchase bag that I had made earlier. I came home and asked my daughter in the evening to take her clothes from the bag.


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California Spring – Sweaters, Boots & Shorts – And A Story

California Spring - Shorts, Sweater & Boots - A Story
The next morning as I am gushing down to drop her, I notice that she is wearing a sweater which looks exactly like the one I bought yesterday, and suddenly it dawned to me that she was wearing my sweater! Hahaha!! It was an emotional moment, like any other fashion gal, I was upset that she wore my sweater, which she changed out of (I know, part of me was sad), but I was also emotional that she has grown so fast so soon that now she can wear my closet.

So, I think this sweater is going to have a special place in my closet. I did decide to give Saanvi some of my older sweaters that I no longer find comfortable wearing and are in excellent condition, but it will remind me that now, I can share my love of fashion with my daughter as well.

Now, let’s get back to fashion, I love this look so much that I am going to be sharing some more similar looks and finds below for you guys to wear. Lucky Brand is having a 40% off discount going on, so sharing some of my favorites.




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