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Healthy Hair With A Busy Work Life!

Ah! We made it through Monday You all. Mondays are always dreadful for me. Even though I wake up early usually, I have always as far as I can remember hated the idea of getting pushed around a schedule. Don’t know why?? Maybe its my lazy creative sideπŸ˜‰. And on top of that getting ready to get to work always feels like so much work. Well, men won’t understand me, but you ladies get me don’t you!! And for me, my hair takes the most time because I do love nice hairstyle.


Busy Girls Guide for At Home Facial!

I always feel Spas are overrated in this generation of DIYs, Youtube Tutorials and all the Online knowledge you could gather from the internet. Yes, I still love a good old pamper session at the spa, but let’s face it, we can’t do it everyday. It would just be too expensive! Now, that we have agreed to that, lets move on how to achieve a facial glow at home.

Family Fashion Fun

Back To School Shopping Must Haves!

Honestly, I can say that as my daughter’s years in school progressed my energy for shopping for her back to school items went down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Sorry, didn’t mean it that I don’t care about having all her back to school items being ready before school. Its just like having your first baby. You are so anxious and excited in so many ways, for the day and want to make sure everything would be perfect. Ready for the snap on the day, but as the years progress, you know exactly what to expect.


Home Shopping – Modern Glam Boho Decor!

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing great! I am shopping for a console table! No, I do have one, I swear, will post a pic of that just to give you guys proof, but the one I have is more of a Modern Minimalist look, which I have completely grown out of. To be honest probably for most of my furnitures πŸ˜‚ (Don’t tell my hubby that). Anyways, we will talk about why it changed in a bit, and I am looking to place it in a place which is pretty narrow, so lets update from search result here, I am looking for a Narrow Glam boho modern console table. Thats a big search word. Ok, I know I am a Techie but we are not talking about SEO, I swear again. I have literally tried doing the search, and not much luck in finding my style because let’s be honest all these decors are so separated and made to be distinct.