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Home Shopping – Modern Glam Boho Decor!

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing great! I am shopping for a console table! No, I do have one, I swear, will post a pic of that just to give you guys proof, but the one I have is more of a Modern Minimalist look, which I have completely grown out of. To be honest probably for most of my furnitures 😂 (Don’t tell my hubby that). Anyways, we will talk about why it changed in a bit, and I am looking to place it in a place which is pretty narrow, so lets update from search result here, I am looking for a Narrow Glam boho modern console table. Thats a big search word. Ok, I know I am a Techie but we are not talking about SEO, I swear again. I have literally tried doing the search, and not much luck in finding my style because let’s be honest all these decors are so separated and made to be distinct.

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Happiness In Spring Blooms

Growing up in a small town with not much technology for entertainment, Nature was my best friend! As a child I could play for hours outside. You would be surprised that I was a Tom Boy in nature, but my love of nature brought in the artistic side of me. I could spend hours staring at the stars in the sky and dreaming about what would be the possibilities if I could travel to the stars. I could roam around in Mango Forest (YES! My small town in India had a forest full of Mango trees. Shout out below if you want to know more about it! ) day dreaming about all the adventures I could go on if this was the Amazon forest.

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Home Away From Home – Bohemian Decor

I miss home sometimes. The familiar surroundings, familiar faces and surroundings, is something that I crave. The Morning incense sticks fragrance in the house, the spring breeze coming through the open window. The brocade curtains swaying with the breeze. I am often reminded of all that warmth, but We all grow up and make our own life. So Did I.