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Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

And this is the best part of the gift guide. Buying something for your lady love. Not necessarily it can also be for your friend, sister, mother. Going with my gift guide theme this year of gifting something useful, I categorized this one with different personalities because in reality, thats the toughest to discover for your lady! Many reasons for that. As women, we morph into so many personalities, a friend, an advisor, a manager (yes thats very true), a teacher, a buddy, a confidant, a lover, a mother, and probably so much more. So, in all of that its really tough to figure out what exactly your lady loves. So, I thought to simplify it and categorize in terms of what kind of style personality they have, and you can shop for them that way.

Fashion, Gift Guide, Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

This one is actually one of my biggest nightmare and best thing of the year. My husband is not a shopper, you would say mine too. But the weird thing is that he loves to buy great stuff, he loves everything about buying, he just does not have the patience to do it himself. And he is also not a great online shopper, and these days we don’t have time to shop. So, I love to buy him some cool stuff around this time to inspire him to shop more. But this gift guide is not about him, its about all of you who want to buy the perfect gift for him.

Gift Guide, Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide – Home

When thinking of gifting a friend or family something for their home, we are always struck by the dilemma of what to gift. I chose options that are mostly pretty useful and can be used immediately. But before you guys do start shopping, a great tip is to actually ask, we often just take a wine bottle which is no doubt the best gift, but if you know your budget, and you know they can get great use out of it, why not gift them that.