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Why I Can’t Remember Songs!

This is embarrassing, but I had to admit this someday. Even how hard I have always tried. Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs that I listen to again and again. And I go back again to listen to it. But, when it comes to lyrics, I fumble even if I have heard the song 50 times. That does sound weird, doesn’t it. I have also thought of the possibility of having disorder of some sorts. Its not funny, and neither am I joking. I have been embarrassed many times when I know the tune but just cannot remember how the song started. And people think that I don’t know anything about the artist. If you know what I mean, I would like to know, please put a comment below. At least I will feel that I am not only one.


My Fall To Do List – Self Care First!

This is important! I know as mothers, wives, and women we tend to just give everyone else importance. I do it too! Put everything aside to jump to some of my daughter’s projects, or something my husband wants to do. So this time I really wanted to think about what my goals or to do list for fall are since I feel like making a list helps tackle those tasks.

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At Home Workouts for Women – Zella Activewear Review!

I have been there! As a mom, I could not leave my child at home and go to the gym in the mornings. I used to feel guilty about it! But, as my fitness went down, which I have to tell you affects me mentally, emotionally and motivationally as well, I realized that the happiness of the family relies on my getting back on track in my life. I guess this is something as women, we don’t really talk about these issues that we face. I strongly believe that as women we need to take care of ourselves and give priority to our health and appearance, to feel the best version of ourselves which will reflect upon your child and your family.

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Monday Motivations – Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Ok, I have to be honest, my motivation for this post was actually forcing myself to try these recipes and eat less carbs! Do you Relate? I love carbs, which girl doesn’t. It’s the essence of my life. But we all know a lot fo carb is definitely not good for anyone (maybe a baby). So last week in the attempt of trying to eat more protein and less carb, I tried these dishes. There was another reason for it as well. I hate monotony. I can’t eat the same food everyday. Its boring!!