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Want to dress better? Here is all of our millennial women guide to styling your favorite essentials including outfit ideas.

How to look stylish everyday with dresses
How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses
Wearing Dresses makes you easily stylish, but you cannot wear the same dress the same way everyday because that would make you feel like you have nothing else to wear in your closet.  Sharing my top...
How To Look Stylish Everyday with Jeans and Sweater
How To Look Stylish Everyday With Jeans & Sweater
When You are Busy and in a hurry in the morning, or you probably fall back to wearing Jeans and Sweater almost always because thats the easiest to wear, you suddenly find yourself that you have nothing...
California Spring - Shorts, Sweater & Boots - A Story
California Spring - Sweaters, Boots & Shorts - And A Story
When we were shooting for this post, it was extremely windy and extremely cloudy. Hahaha? Welcome to the California Spring Weather which is totally unpredictable and is not at all warm. You never know...
Plaid Blazer that will add Drama in your look
Plaid Blazer That Will Add Drama To Your Look
There is something about a plaid blazer that is so much sophisticated and appealing that I cannot explain. I have been obsessed with suits all my life. Growing up as a little girl I would imagine myself...
Pink Blazer - Starting Spring With my Favorite Color
Chic and Easy Spring Pink Blazer Outfits to Wear
Sharing 2 easy ways to look chic and sophisticated in Pink Blazer this spring. Pink blazer has a way of looking girl and childish, but these outfits will help you elevate your pink blazer outfit....
Are Baggy Jeans The New Skinny Jeans For Women?
Who is excited with me about this! And this denim inspired me to write this post actually!
Untitled design-9
Winter Outfits That Feel Like a Snowy Winter!
I have to say that nothing excites me more than being in a snowy winter! The crisp snow and the feeling of touching that powdery glow! Even though I does not snow in the Bay Area, a girl needs to still...
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Cozy Winter Outfit Ideas In Fair Isle Sweaters
Yes, you guessed right! I am going to talk about my favorite sweater style for every winter. Fair Isle sweaters!! Who is Excited? I know, Fair Isles have gotten a bit of a bad reputation since the Ugly...
Untitled design-17
Structured Coats & My Transition to Sophistication!
I know you must be thinking Suchi what are you even saying. Well, this is my life when it comes to Fall Winter. I am not a big fan of layering or you can say I am not that good at it. But I know that when...
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Cozy Sweaters Under $100
Yes, Its that time of the year when we all look for different styles of sweaters. Some prefer classic fit, some prefer cozy, fluffy, oversized. I am sharing some of my season favorite fall sweaters which...
10 Fall Essentials - Basics for Fall Wardrobe
These are my absolute must haves for a full proof fall wardrobe. Now, these are items that I have worn again and again every year and they stay in my closet always without feeling out of style. And I call...
Unique Leopard Print Finds Embracing the Animal print Trend!
Unique Leopard Print Finds Embracing the Animal print Trend!
Well, I did folks! I jumped into the hottest trend of 2019 - Animal print with the best trend for fall wearing Leopard print. And you can't blame me, I saw everyone in instagram wearing the trend and even...
The Denim Skirt That is Making in My Fall Wardrobe!
How to Style a Vintage Denim Skirt
I had never pictured myself to be the denim skirt kind of lady! They always reminded me of someone who is very uncomfortable and actually a corset but just for the torso (you know what I mean), really...
Statement Tees Retro Style with A Comeback Slogan
Statement Tees - Retro Style with A Comeback Slogan!
I think we all can agree, we all have fallen for this style. Yes, I am talking about the Slogan tees that are now dubbed as THE STATEMENT TEES, that we all are obsessing over. And if you are not, then...
Getting On Board Trends - Biker Shorts!
Getting On Board Trends - Biker Shorts!
I am not really a trend kind of gal! That's right, but I am still talking about this because, we do see trends always in fashion and that's what keeps our style interesting year after year. But, when I...
Summer Sleepwear That Every Women Needs!
Summer Sleepwear That Every Women Needs!
I know, I was like this too, and probably a lot of you would agree. I hated spending money on pajamas, since its just a waste of time. We only sleep in them. This was when the only idea of fun was going...
All the Summer Skirts You Need Now with Castaner Espadrilles
Best Summer Skirts to Wear for Every Occasion
Time for some Summer skirts! I love wearing skirts throughout the year actually, but summer is the time when you can have some fun with them. This season is all about discovering new styles of skirts....
Mini Skirts-12
Your Complete Summer Denim Essential Guide
Kick starting this week's posts with all of the Summer essentials, and what is the best topic than your denim guide. Summer is the time where you can try different outfits without having to worry about...
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How To Style a Mini Skirt
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Some Spring Activewear for Motivation
The title says it all, I will share with you all one of my favorite brand(s) yes multiple brands since we all probably shop that way. Last weekend Saanvi went out for a run in her school and I joined her....
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