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How To Sweat More, Burn More This Winter!

I have to be honest, this post is also a self motivation post. Every winter, my motivational level goes down for the gym. I do have the cold hand and feet syndrome (That is what I call it, not sure if there is an actual term like this. ) And I have passed it down to my daughter as well. :). So, winters are really tough for me, I feel cold all the time, and Gym days are specially bad, because I cool down faster than I warm up. Summers are always my favorite for working out, but hey, I cannot afford to hibernate in the winters because, I know I will fall back into the rut again.

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At Home Workouts for Women – Zella Activewear Review!

I have been there! As a mom, I could not leave my child at home and go to the gym in the mornings. I used to feel guilty about it! But, as my fitness went down, which I have to tell you affects me mentally, emotionally and motivationally as well, I realized that the happiness of the family relies on my getting back on track in my life. I guess this is something as women, we don’t really talk about these issues that we face. I strongly believe that as women we need to take care of ourselves and give priority to our health and appearance, to feel the best version of ourselves which will reflect upon your child and your family.