Cozy Winter In A Fair Isle Sweater

Yes, you guessed right! I am going to talk about my favorite sweater style for every winter. Fair Isle sweaters!! Who is Excited? I know, Fair Isles have gotten a bit of a bad reputation since the Ugly sweater concept started. But, I have always been fan of the patterns on the sweater that feels like a winter wonderland. Now, I am not talking about the Ugly sweaters! Even though they are a good fun sweater style for parties, Fair Isles have always stolen my heart. The intricate details around the shoulder and even sometimes around the wrist, gives you that vintage and elegant feel that I always like around this time of the year. Because, it is the time of the year to bring out the traditions and celebrate being who you are isn’t it.

This year, my first Fair Isle purchase is this gorgeous Pink one from Jcrew, I have worn it so many times with so many different styles. A Pair of Loafers and a hat with this and I am sorted for any occasion.

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I also purchased this Black with metallic embroidery from Calvin Klein (Sharing a similar one as this one is sold out) that is perfect for work and party. And of course, the quality of the sweater is amazing, so this sweater will stay in my closet for years now. I always talk about investing in pieces that will last you for ages, so here I go again.

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Now, I am not sure if you guys know that Fair isle has been introduced by the Royal family to actually go the extra mile and show there love of Christmas with these extravagant and intricate prints. All the more reason, to embrace a tradition. I have always found fair isle sweaters as my most worn styles for winter and specially around Christmas and New Year.

And I was so surprised that this year every brand came up with there version of the Fair Isle prints that are cute and functional. And Guys a ski trip without them is next to impossible.

Sharing some of my favorite fair Isle sweaters that are you can rock now through End of Winter:

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