How to look stylish everyday with dresses

How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses


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How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses

Wearing Dresses makes you easily stylish, but you cannot wear the same dress the same way everyday because that would make you feel like you have nothing else to wear in your closet. 

Sharing my top tips which you can use to style dresses in different ways so that you can wear a single dress which might be your favorite in many ways so that you never run out of ways to wear it and get bored of it.

Below are the tips for you:

Tip 1: Add a Cardigan

Adding a cardigan would make the outfit instantly more intellectual (I know it sounds funny) but this outfit makes it look more chic and sophisticated with a cardigan. Now, there is a trick with the cardigan, use long cardigan with a short dress and a short or cropped cardigan with a long dress.

Tip 2: Add a Blazer

Adding a blazer will create a sophisticated look with your dress. The dress will be perfect for work and party which is my most favorite aspect. I love adding a structured blazer on a slip dress. This instantly makes the dress more work appropriate because you are covering your skin and you will look so chic and stylish in no time.

Tip 3: Add a Thick Belt

A thick belt adds a waistline for your dress even if your dress is fitted or oversize or flowy, adding a thick belt makes an hour glass silhouette and this is perfect for women with short torso just like me. You can add it with a blazer or a cardigan as well. The outfit looks even more chic.

Tip 4: Add a T-Shirt/Sweater

You can add a t-shirt or a Sweater above your dress to transform the dress into a skirt. Isn’t that amazing, you can wear your dress in so many ways. This is perfect when you still want to wear the dress and don’t want it to look the same way. You will never be bored, trust me. 

Tip 5: Add a Trench Coat

Adding a trench coat instantly transforms the dress into a more chic look and trench coats are just perfect for Spring, because they add a light layer to your outfit. They also make the look so perfect for work and you can also wear your sleeveless dresses in spring or winter and not just wait for summer to come.

Tip 6: Add a Vest

A vest coat or a sleeveless sweater will again transform the dress into another outfit. It just creates a sophistication and also can look pretty bohemian depending on what kind of vest you wear. This is such a fun way to wear dresses. Try it and let me know what you think.

Tip 7: Wear a Skirt

Wearing a skirt on top of a dress would transform the dress into a top. Isn’t that fun. Make sure to use more solid skirts for printed dresses and the other way round. Usually this trick works best with short dresses which you are not yet ready to wear but still want to wear that one dress.


I hope you guys would find these tips helpful and would use some of them when you are trying to style your next dress. Let me know in the comments below which one you are going to use and if you have any genius ways of styling your dresses.


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