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10 Fall Essentials – Basics for Fall Wardrobe

10 Fall Essentials – Basics for Fall Wardrobe


These are my absolute must haves for a full proof fall wardrobe. Now, these are items that I have worn again and again every year and they stay in my closet always without feeling out of style. And I call them the foundation of my closet. Now, we all have some pieces that we fall back and default to. So, I am also curious which is your favorite piece in the closet that you will be wearing this fall.

So, let’s start.

Cropped Jeans

These should be basics for any season because they are so versatile with anything, you can wear it with heels or boots or even Tall boots. Its just the best piece of denim that we all need. Now, I have gone through so many of them in the years. The one that I am featuring in this post are from Agolde which is more rigid and I love that because it won’t loose its shape which I hate when I buy stretchy denim and it becomes loose you know around the better parts of your body.

Cropped jeans is my go to piece in fall, where I just put on a cute sweater on and a cropped jeans with some boots and you are ready to head out. Effortless style.

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Leather Jacket

That brings to the next must have item that I have so many of. Its a leather jacket, now it does not have to be a leather, it can be a vegan leather as well. But the shape and the texture of the jacket brings so much versatility to an outfit. I picked this brown jacket, because its kind of a nude color for leather jackets. I also have a blush nude leather jacket bomber style, but this one from Barney’s which I have had for years and never goes out of style. I have it with this summer leopard print dress which is my absolute favorite and I do not want to part ways yet. So, wearing this leather jacket and some boots, and I have a fall ready outfit. Yay!!

If you prefer black that’s fine too. White leather jacket is something I am eyeing for right now to add to my collection.

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Chunky Scarf


Yes, we all need a chunky scarf. because when its hot in the day and suddenly as the sun sets, you realize that you are not dressed for the weather, that is when you need the scarf to protect you from the cold breeze. I personally like patterned scarves because they add personality to a boring black outfit which is something we all fall back to when we are feeling cold. If you watch my video, you would know I do own a lot of black pieces to go on for the entire winter, so a plaid scarf adds color and texture to the whole outfit.

And its also a perfect solution for bad hair days, yes, all you need to do is put your hair in a ponytail and wrap the scarf around the neck and you look completely put together. Yes, isn’t that perfect!

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OK, hear me out here. I know you must think why is a bodysuit a must have basic for your wardrobe. There are many reasons for it. Layering is the key for fall wintering and when you are layering on in the cold winter to go out, its also natural that you will take them off when you are indoors. A bodysuit becomes the foundation of that layering because, its all tucked in and looks great with skirts, denim, pants even in ski clothes. I have to be honest I didn’t realize this till I wore them and after that it was a new world for me.

A knitted bodysuit is not only perfect for fall but its also a stylish way of adding some coziness to your outfit without the bulk.

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This is without doubt the most basic piece of clothing that we all own and probably in multiple colors. Cardigans come in so many lengths and with every style its so transformative in itself that. The cardigan that I am wearing is made well that I have bought years ago and is such a classic style that it almost looks like a blazer.

I also own, chunky oversized cardigans and multiple colors, but i chose the basic black one because of its classic silhouette. Its just perfect for any kind of outfit.

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High Waisted Trouser


These are the work appropriate alternative for Denim. The High waited style makes is easy to wear with sweaters, bodysuit or jackets. I love these wool pants from Aritzia which I have had for over a year and works with boots and mules equally. Pair it with a sweater or a full sleeve top for a casual look. You can also pair it with shirt and blazer for a more formal look. Since I work in a more casual work environment, I usually wear it with sweater or tees.

The wool part of the trousers keeps me cozy and warm in the cold and looks completely stylish.

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White Booties


Ha! This one is different, Black boots are so last season, if you look at any major show brand, you will see white boots, all shapes and styles. But, the one that I mostly gravitated towards these western style boots that I bout late last year and oh my since then I have seen this style like everywhere.

I was skeptical too, will they stay clean, will they look good. Oh gosh, I have gotten so many compliments about them. The main reason being that they stand out in the outfit. As you all might have noticed, white clothing pieces bring a lux vibe to the whole outfit and that is why you see bloggers models flaunting that color so much. (Well, I know white is not a color, but in fashion terms it is very much a color). Wearing a white boot with weather style stitching on it showcases the details and hence makes the whole outfit more lux. I paired it with a monochrome green outfit that I wore last year and I still can because of these boots.

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Satin Blouse


These are everywhere this season, but in general, i feel like a silk blouse adds sophistication and romance to the whole outfit and hence to the whole environment around you. I am wearing a satin blouse from H&M, and I have to tell you, I am in love with it. Its just giving me this greek goddess vibe ( I wish I was lol!) and yet is so practical for this season with full sleeve.

I paired it with my favorite Denim skirt and the outfit still looks so soft and lux. Silk blouses are great option for date nights or drinks after work. You can just layer on a coat and you are ready to head out. They also bring this lux vibe to the look that I have to say, we all need at least one of them, though i have some more in other colors.

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This is my favorite basic and not just for fall, for all weather because we all work in Air conditioned buildings where we all get cold and need something not too thick to layer on and a blazer is a perfect alternative to that. I am so glad that this season blazers have come back with a bang. They are so versatile in shape and fit, pattern, color that I had a tough time fining some good pieces for you all.

Add a belt to the blazer and you have a perfect layered outfit to go to work or even happy hour. If you want to add more layer, top it off with an oversize coat and yes its just perfect and such a sophisticated look. Its my favorite piece of power dressing.

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Knit Dress


And last but not the least, a knit dress, well, its just the best thing in the world. because its a knitwear and a dress, so whenever we girls wanna wear a dress, just pop in these knit dress and pair it with a leather jacket and some white boots and we are ready for any occasion.

They come in so many different styles now, I am featuring this amazing striped dress from xomandyandsue that I also styled in one of my blog post in a different way which I will link here.

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All these basics can also become many outfits together. And paired with some trendy pieces, will last you forever and hence they are the building blocks of a wardrobe. 


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