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What Jackets or Coats to Wear in Fall: The Outerwear Guide

What Jackets or Coats to Wear in Fall: The Outerwear Guide


Fall has finally here and you are wondering what outerwear looks good as well as keeps you comfy and cozy in the in between weather. In this post, I am sharing all the stylish layering pieces that you can invest or find budget friendly option this fall which will last you for a long time as well.

As I hit my 30s, for me clothes have to quality. While I still look for budget friendly pieces, I do not like to compromise he quality. Because what if I fall in love with the piece and unfortunately, it does not last long enough. You get what I am saying. 

So the items I picked for this post are quality pieces even though hey might be a bit pricey, but honestly outerwear pieces are usually a bit more expensive than the tops or bottoms. 

So, let’s checkout the outerwear pieces I picked out for you.

Quilted Jacket

A lot of people mistaken this amazing piece of outerwear with puffer coats and jackets and at some point I was one of them as well. So, no judgement here. But since I discovered this classic outerwear style, I am literally obsessed.

Maybe I am getting older and my sense of style has shifted from looking just sexy where everything has to be form fitting, to now find elegant classic silhouettes that enhance my style and not just make me look hot. 

And this piece of outerwear definitely does that. Quilted styles are one of the biggest trends this year and this was one of the timeless ways I incorporated it in my daily style. The lightweight design of the jacket makes it an easy layering piece that will not make you sweat but at the same time keep you cozy. 

The one I am wearing is from Ralph Lauren, and let me tell you, he knows how to make a statement jacket. The dual tone collar details and the slim fit makes it a versatile piece in your closet. You can wear it casually or  add it to a pleated skirt and dress up the jacket. 

Polo Ralph Lauren
Cropped Barn Jacket

The Classic silhouette and a cinch back belt that will help you create a fitted style whenever you need to, this is a great timeless alternative to the jacket I am wearing. 

Price: $298

Snowhill Quilted Jacket

This jacket brings in a classic country touch and with the Army Green color tone looks so good for fall. The details around the pocket makes it way more luxurious. And its rare to find jackets with gold hardware.

Price: $280

& Other Stories
Quilted Wrap Collar Jacket

This is a modern take on the Quilted Jacket style and looks chic and stylish. I love that it has a wrap collar details that gives it a feminine touch, but what makes the biggest difference is the belt which can be used to create a cinch waist style.

Price: $149

Hope & Henry
Quilted Riding Coat

This classic quilted jacket from TARGET definitely gives other jacket a touch competition. The plaid lining adds a sophistication and the classic button details makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

Price: $69.95

Shirt Jacket

This outerwear is here to stay. It was a trend last year, but this year it has transformed into a staple that you should not miss in your wardrobe. Its timeless and looks good on any body type. 

The oversize style makes it really comfortable, and you can easily belt it and create a more structured style if you want. For me, the shirt jacket is replacing my denim jackets because it just looks way more structured and stylish. If you are new to Shirt Jackets and wondering how to style them, then checkout my shirt jacket style guide for fall and winter that will give you some outfit inspirations.

The shirt jacket I am wearing is from & Other Stories and is also part of my colorful capsule wardrobe plan as I was looking for a green jacket to add to my wardrobe for fall to mix and match with other colors for the cold weather outfits.

This jacket also comes in two more colors, but the part that I absolutely love about it is that it has a built in belt, so I don’t have to worry about where to keep my belt when I take off my jacket when I am indoors or its got warmer outside. 

This definitely makes the jacket more versatile and wearable with so many different outfits.

Avec Les Filles
Twill Shirt Jacket

Avec les Filles Outerwear pieces always look so chis and this clay colored shirt jacket is no different. The jacket is not too light nor too heavy which makes it perfect staple for fall. 

This jacket actually runs large, so size down and make sure to checkout the other color as well.

Price: $137.40

Faux Leather Shirt Jacket

This jacket is a combination of two of my favorite styles for fall, faux leather + Shirt Jacket. And with the belted detail it will look great on any outfit. This jacket also comes in black if you don’t like Sage.

Faux Leather Shirt jackets definitely take this casual outerwear to the next level.

Price: $99

Checked pocket jacket

If you are looking for a shorter shirt jacket style for your everyday wear then I have found the perfect one for you. This modern plaid jacket looks so luxurious and yet is more comfortable and would look great with casual clothing as well as work wear. 

Price: $119

Fleece Shirt Jacket

This Lightweight Fleece jacket is perfect for everyday wear at home and outside as well. And because this light weight, you can also easily pair them with sweaters when you start to wear them. 

H&M jackets are actually great value for money. I own several of them and love how cozy they feel.

Price: $29.99

Double Breasted Coat

Long coats are really key style staple fo fall and winter. They instantly transform a summer outfit to fall and are great for in between weather when you don’t want to wear sweaters or any other chunky knits. That is why, I feel that Outerwear is even more important for fall compared to winter because it actually protects us when the temperature suddenly changes.

A double breasted long coat looks structured and adds a sophisticated touch to any casual outfit. You can literally pair it with any outfit and you will realize that your look is transformed to more sophisticated and put together one. And of course, it keeps you cozy as well. 

This year, I invested in a Double breasted white coat, because it just looks way more stylish and way more expensive as well. And I love wearing white in Fall and Winter, and this outerwear staple will help me rock winter white outfits. 

The structured coat elevates all my outfits and also helps me wear jeans and t shirt underneath without having to worry about freezing outside.

But if this is your first time investing in a double breasted coat, I also recommend going for a black coat. It looks good on any outfit and also adds a sophisticated touch with chunky clothing.

Ralph Lauren
Double Breast Wool Coat

This long coat looks so structured yet with the relaxed fit style will easily work for you from fall to winter and even in early spring when its till cold outside. 

A good quality black and white coat is a key staple for every woman and this structure one looks amazing. AND ITS ON SALE!

Price: $249.90

Wool-Blend Coat

This Blush Pink Coat is on my wishlist this fall. The color is neutral yet so chic and will look great with dresses as well as leather pants. But the luxe gold buttons really make this coat a statement piece.

Because this coat is wool blend just like the one I am wearing, its lightweight enough to be worn everyday. 

Price: $248

Sam Edelman
Double Breasted Bouclé Coat

This mid length coat with matching buttons looks modern yet with a hint of classic design. And with the Forest green color you can easily add a touch of fall shade in your neutral looks.

Colored coats are a great way to add more personality to your outfit and this coat delivers on that without the hefty price tag.

Price: $149.90

Belted Double Breasted Coat

Another black coat with two twists actually. One is the contrast collar detail which is usually rare for coats. But it really elevates the style of this basic coat. 

And the wrap style with the building belt loop and belt makes it really casually yet Parisian chic. 

And the awesome part is that its on sale and under $100.

Price: $75.60

Wool Blazer

Blazers are perfect for any season, but they are specially great for fall weather if they are woolen material. This is also a great investment if you are have a business casual dress code at work. 

But as I have said many times, blazers are no longer just for work, you can find so many different silhouettes and styles that are great for casual everyday wear. But because of the structured details, they create a put together look and elevate your outfit effortlessly. 

Wool blazer are perfect for fall and you can also continue to wear them in winter layering them with knitwear. This structured outerwear piece is also a timeless one that you can keep on wearing year after year. And I am telling the truth. 

The one I am wearing is from Ann Taylor which is such an awesome investment and I still love wearing it so much. Most wool blazers are classic designs and that is why they are timeless and can be worn till they wear out. 

I have found a similar style of white blazer if you are interested in a white wool blazer. But, this year we are seeing them in so many different colors and styles.

Oversized Wool Blazer

The oversized and relaxed style of this blazer makes it versatile for any style. You can wear it just like I did with a belt to create a was it definition or just throw it on with jeans and a T shirt for the effortless look.

The open pocket details add the casual detail and give it a cardigan look. 

Price: $119

Double Breasted Sweater Jacket

This is actually a jacket but because of the Blazer like design, no one can tell its not one. And with those gold button details it looks luxurious and stylish. 

You can easily pair this with dresses, or wear it casually as well. And it comes in two more colors, but I was just drawn to this color which would be perfect for holidays.

Price: $138

Parke blazer

JCrew blazers always look amazing and this English Wool Blazer looks so sophisticated and stylish. The really tiny herringbone pattern is barely visible, but is actually adding more of luxurious detail to the blazer. 

I also like that this blazer is more on a straight style that brings in more structure to the outfit.

Price: $199.50

& Other Stories
Oversized Wool Blazer

This is a classic yet modern wool blend style of blazer that looks elegant and perfect for a neutral lover. & Other stories masters the design of outerwear and this one speaks for it. 

This coat is a perfect combination of blazer and coat because of the oversized nature.

Price: $219

Leather Jacket

Does not matter whether you pick a real leather jacket or a faux leather jacket, a good quality and a good fit of the leather jacket will last you for years and will elevate all your outfits. 

I used to shrug at the thought of leather jackets, but now I love them specially for fall, because they are such an effortless layering. The hardware details add more personality to any plain knitwear you are wearing, or if you are just wearing a T shirt. 

A real leather jacket will definitely be warmer than a faux leather jacket. So, if you are looking for a lighter leather jacket, go for faux leather ones. 

Always make sure that the jacket fits you well, and is not made out of cheap material. The leather jacket I am wearing is from BlankNYC, and its one of the best $100 I have spent. The jacket looks so stylish and almost like a real leather and is equally cozy. 

I love pairing them with dresses and skirts because they balance out the feminine look and also create a much more interesting outfit. 

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

You can never go wrong with a classic Moto jacket and this one from express delivers on that. It has the edgy touch with the silver hardware but still looks good and not at all cheap. 

And its lightweight for everyday use.

Price: $148

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This fiery red faux leather jacket is he perfect bohemian addition to any woman’ wardrobe. Moto jackets do not have to be just black or dull colors. You can also wear them in colors. 

And given the fact that its from Levis, it is definitely a quality piece to invest in. But if you are not into the color, it also comes in two more shades.

Price: $88

Sam Edelman
Asymmetrical Faux Leather Jacket

This moto jacket gives you the blazer vibes and why not. Leather  jackets have been redefines in so many ways and I am most excited about this style.

The long style makes this leather jacket more of a put together touch compared to edgy look. And it still has some interesting style with the asymmetric zip details

Price: $99

Leather-effect bomber jacket

I am usually not a fan of bomber jacket. They just feel too oversized and have no shape at all. But this one from Mango is actually a cropped style. The jacket is also straight style which makes it more flattering on any body type. 

I also love the simple design, because then it looks good with any outfit you wear.

Price: $99.99

Patterned Jacket / Coat

Most of tend to wear a lot more solid colors as the temperature drops and sometimes our outfits can look a bit plain Jane, but with a patterned jacket or coat, you can easily add some personality and texture to your daily looks. They also look really good with all he solid color we wear. 

I am a big fan of plaids, but on outerwear because they create an interesting style and also add more details to your coat or jacket. This way even though you found a budget option, they still look pretty good and expensive. 

I love small plaids and own a coat and a blazer that I keep on repeating every year. But this year, there are so many patterned styles of outerwear that look so good but are in really good price point as well. 

It really does not matter which color tone you pick, these styles of outerwear are really verstaile and look amazing with dark tone as well as lighter tone clothing. 


The Oversized Blazer

This Everlane Blazer is a Timeless piece that you will thank me that I shared with you. I have a similar one that wearing above and I can tell you, I am wearing this blazer till it is torn. Its light weight but still feels so cozy. And it elevates every outfit. 

Price: $185

Oversized Wool Coat

The brown tone of this plaid coat looks so luxurious and the oversized detail makes it awesome for fall and winter. 

You can easily pair it with chunkier knits and still look chic. Mango coats are one of the best quality pieces that will not break your bank.

Price: $149

River Island
Houndstooth Check Long Coat

Houndstooth is another timeless pattern that looks great in outerwear. And if you love a touch of color then this longline coat from River island is perfect for you. 

Its relaxed and yet looks so cozy. 

Price: $185

Pinstripe coat

This retro pattern is back this year and is in full swing. I love how classic this blazer looks evn though it has a fun color and pattern. That is why stripes have always been my favorite. 

And with vertical stripes, you always look look taller and leaner. 

Price: $199

I hope this post helped you in finding your favorite outerwear piece that you can rock effortlessly this fall. Which one did you pick?


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