Fall Outfit Formula #4 - Black Sweater Blazer

Fall Outfit Formula #4 – Black Sweater Blazer


This fall outfit is with the most worn fall staple I have seen everywhere around me and in the blogosphere as well. Its a Sweater Blazer. For those of you who dislike blazers or feel uncomfortable wearing them, this fall essential becomes a favorite, because its actually nothing like a blazer. Being in knit material with minimal tailoring, its super comfortable to wear, but because of the collar details, it gets the name of the Blazer. 

Hence a Sweater blazer.

What's Covered In the Post

This one I am styling in this outfit formula is from JCrew and it comes in 5 colors. So if you are interested in getting one, now is the best time to do so. This blazer is made out of Merino wool and is relaxed fit as well. And I like that its not too short but long enough to fall right on your Hips which makes it versatile.

The blazer that I am wearing in my Outfit in Action shot is actually from Ann Taylor, its sold out in black, but there are other colors available if you are tired of wearing black all the time. 

So, lets get started with this outfit.

Key Style Piece: Black Sweater Blazer

A sweater blazer as its name says is a hybrid of a sweater and a blazer, which means that its acts as perfect fall layering piece when  the weather is not too cold yet to wear thick sweaters. 

If you work from home, you already wear this a lot or if you haven’t tried it, this will be your best layering piece for zoom calls or just in general layering on top of your outfit. 

If you don’t like the formal and structured styles of blazer or feel too conscious wearing a blazer, because it just stands out, then you can opt for a sweater blazer that is way more comfortable and casual. If you are an office goer who does not like to feel too dressed up but still wants to look put together, then a sweater blazer can help you.

I have a whole blog post sharing different ways of styling a sweater blazer.

There are two factors you want to keep in mind when picking a good sweater blazer:

  • It should not be too fitted. You need it to be relaxed fit otherwise the sweater blazer looks basic and frumpy.
  • It should not be too short. Then it defeats the purpose of color weather layering and it also shortens you.

That is why I love this sweater blazer from JCrew which is relaxed and has the appropriate length.

The Outfit Formula in Focus

There were a few things I wanted to achieve in this outfit. I did not want the sweater blazer to look boring. Yes, a black sweater blazer no matter how essential looks boring. so I decided to add some color for depth and making the outfit look interesting. 

I also wanted to not wear black jeans with it. We all probably wear black jeans way too much. I wanted to wear blue jeans that feels refreshing compared to wearing black jeans always. 

I also wanted to add a feminine touch to the outfit that also elevates it. So, I made a swap in my footwear that is still comfortable, keeps you cozy while making you look nice.

So the formula is:

Sweater Blazer + Printed Shirt + Blue Straight leg Jeans + Slingback Pumps + Blue Scarf + White Tote bag + Sunglasses

Fall Outfit Formula - Sweater Blazer

The Complete Outfit

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Black Sweater Blazer (JCrew) | Pink Printed Shirt (BodenUSA) | Blue Straight Leg Jeans (Levis) | Brown Slingback Pumps (Sarah Flint) | Blue Cashmere Silk Blend Scarf (Salvatore Ferragamo) | White Tote Bag (Coach) | Gradient Sunglasses (Gucci)

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Sweater Blazer

The black sweater blazer and blue straight leg jeans combination would have look really basic if I paired a T shirt with it. Plus this outfit has nothing interesting goin about it because of the basic color theme. But by simply adding a printed shirt, this outfit looks so cool and different. the print in the shirts add sophistication to your entire look. The prints are also really interesting and timeless. 

It appears that you have put some thoughts into putting your outfit together, even if you haven’t. And it stands out really well against the matte knit material of the blazer and casual texture of the jeans. 

This is a formula I use when I want to elevate a casual outfit. I simply add a structure clothing item to it. 

This is a trick that works well with cardigans, jackets and blazers that have fitted sleeves. I pulled the sleeves of my shirt so that its protrudes out of the sleeves of blazer. this also creates an interesting look to your outfit. You will see this when you check out my Outfit in Action shots. 

The blue straight leg jeans from Levi’s also adds a casual vibe to this outfit even if you are wearing a button down shirt. It looks casual and wearable for everyday lifestyle. 

Don't Forget to Read This

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Sweater Blazer + Slingback Pumps

I would recommend again breaking the color palette with your footwear rather than wearing black footwear. These slingbacks have a brown tone that matches the shades of the prints in the shirt. So, they still go well together and do not make the outfit busy. A block heel footwear is always perfect for walking as well as looking nice doing so. 

And I cannot tell you how much I love these slingback pumps from SarahFlint which I have already shared with you before. If you are interested, you can get $50 off with code “SARAHFLINT-BASUCHI”. They are great value for money and much more affordable compared to some of those designers who are made in the same factory. 

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Sweater Blazer + Slingback Pumps + Blue Cashmere Scarf

The scarf is an essential piece to this outfit. Without that, this just looks like an office going look. But when you add the scarf, it instantly makes this outfit everyday wear and comfortable for fall weather. 

That is why I love this outfit formula because it looks comfortable and is also sophisticated and stylish. When you are going for Cashmere Silk blend scarves, I like to see a little more details in the scarf itself. This one from Salvatore Ferragamo has the subtle blue logo details that are no as prominent but they make the scarf look sophisticated compared to a plain silk scarf. 

When you see the outfit in Action, you will see me wearing a similar scarf but that one is from Hermes. Now you don’t have to buy a designer scarf, but pick ones that will look expensive and will elevate your outfit. 

There is power in good accessories.

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Sweater Blazer + Slingback Pumps + Blue Cashmere Scarf + White Tote Bag + Accessories

This outfit requires minimal accessories, because for the most part your body is covered. Plus with the printed shirt you don’t really need to wear a lot of necklace. The shirt elevates your outfit. So, I decided to just have sunglasses which are a must have, not only for driving, but also elevating your look. 

A lot of women skip them, but I have to tell you, if you wear a flattering sunglasses then, you can skip makeup.

For my tote bag, I picked a White tote bag, that brightens up this outfit. If you don’t want to carry a white tote bag, pick a Brown one, which is fall perfect but does not look as basic as a black one, because for this outfit we want our extras to work. 

Outfit in Action

Sweater Blazer outfit in Action
Sweater Blazer Outfit for Fall

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JCrew Wool Sweater Blazer

PRICE: $168


Lauren Cotton Combo Sweater Blazer

PRICE: $195

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