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Fashion For Mini Me – Kids Summer Fashion!

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Fashion For Mini Me – Kids Summer Fashion!

 I always wanted a girl even when I was a girl! Hahaha! Yup that’s right, I am one of those moms who want girls, the more the merrier! I loved dressing her up in cute outfits and guess what, almost 12 years later I still do.

But things are different now, she has her own ideas of how she wants to dress up. I am sure many of you are already nodding your head and rolling your eyes just thinking about it. Even though her personal opinion on fashion annoys me like anything, I admire the fact that this reflects that she will be a strong willed individual in this tough world. Oh no! I am getting emotional now. This blog post is actually about all of the latest tween fashion in budget.

So let’s get to that before I get dude tracked again.

1. Jumpsuit // 2. Jacket // 3. Bag // 4. Hat // 5. Shoes // 6. Sunglasses

1. Dress // 2. Jacket // 3. Bag // 4. Sandals // 5. Hat // 6. Sunglasses

1. Skirt // 2. Top // 3. Jacket // 4. Sandals // 5. Hat // 6. Swimsuit // 7. Sunglasses

1. Top // 2. Shorts // 3. Bag // 4. Shoes // 5. Jacket // 6. Sunglasses

I love H&M kids collection. They have so many really fashionable options that as an adult I would want to wear, and the best part is that it’s affordable. She is wearing top and skirt from H&M. The slides are from bcbg kids.

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