All the Summer Skirts You Need Now!

Time for some Summer skirts! I love wearing skirts throughout the year actually, but summer is the time when I can have some fun with them. This season is all about discovering new styles of skirts. I am sharing some of the latest summer skirts trends that you need in your wardrobe:

Bias skirts are a great way to rock the sporty style with sneakers and baseball hats and at the same time you can dress it up with cute blouses and basket bags

I love mini skirts! They are great summer substitutes for shorts if you kind of sick of them. And they are great for Date Nights!

Tiered skirts add such a drama to any outfit. They are great for a slender figure since they add layer to your figure.

A great Swim cover, or a vacation skirt, I porbably cannot live without the wrap skirts even when I was a teen and NOW.

Maxi skirts are a great alternative to maxi dresses where you can keep wearing them with different tops to mis it up.

Let me know which is your best skirt styles! Honestly, I wish I can buy all of them. Also, if you want me to write about something else, please drop a note below:

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XO Suchi

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