Flattering swimsuits for women

Flattering Swimsuit Styles for Women Who Don’t Want To Show Too Much Skin


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As we get older our choices of swim wear changes. I honestly prefer something that is comfortable and not too much revealing. I mean I wish I had six pack abs to show, but that is not the case always. I found some swim suits that look flattering and are also modest. And wanted to share them in this post. 

Flattering swimsuits for women

I am so excited that we are finally in the summer season after almost 6 months of somewhat cooler temperatures. And the lockdown ofcourse made it harder. But with this excellent weather we can finally step outside. I will be doing a lot of pool time to find a little bit of normalcy in my life.

And every year I go I try to find some awesome swimsuits that are flattering for all times. And I can wear them over and over again this year and in the future as well. 

Flattering swimsuits - Pic 1
Flattering swimsuits - Pic 2

But every year, I see the same triangle top style, V-necks with straps and though I love those, there are times when I really dont enjoy wearing these styles of swimsuits. Because we are not 15 anymore and while there are a lot of women who still look fabulous in it, there are days when we are just not up for the complete skin show. 

I have always kind of enjoyed swim suits that have a bit more definition and style that would flatter me since I do have a straight figure and not a lot of swim suits look good on me. At the same time, I also have a decent boob size which also marks that, I cannot really enjoy wearing traingle tops which are not the most flattering for bigger bust size. 

I bought this puff sleeves swim top and the high waisted bottom from Free People which looks like a match made in heaven with its perfect fit and the puff sleeves which looks so elegant. The bustier style top that is going to keep my lady parts intact.

I am wearing a size small and its actually a perfect fit. The fabric is lightweight material and is perfect for summer. This top is so versatile that I have also styled it as a crop top. I love versatility in clothing always. I have found this on Montce Swim site where you can preorder this piece. It is a bit pricey, but totally worth it. I can wear it in so many different ways that will bring the cost per wear down for sure.

Flattering swimsuits - Pic 3
Flattering swimsuits - Pic 4

One Piece Linked Below

Flattering swimsuits - Pic 6

I always find high waisted swim bottoms the most flattering because you get the most coverage and it also flatters our food bellies which lets be honest we all do. But I also found some retro style bikini bottoms that look really flattering for any body shape. These can easily be worn with any swim tops and would look amazing on anyone. 

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