Pink april Diary

Pink april Diary



Is Being Slow The New UnderAchiever?

Is It Really Worth to Wait for Them to Grow?

Finally we can have some strawberries from these weeds!

My Husband sighed and said this while I was busy plucking the strawberries and putting them in a large bowl so that I can have fresh strawberries for breakfast and I was on the top of the moon. I finally was able to grow strawberries at home and yield fruits after two years of just staring at the bushes being there and only giving me a couple of fruits. 

You see, I come from a small town where I could walk out of the residential area to the forest where we had Mango Trees, so I have this feeling that I have a green thumb or I should have a green thumb. So, I love to grow things and feel like I am back in that small town and eat everything organic.

I really kept trying to grow these strawberries so that I can be a proud Mama of some strawberry plants. But it actually took these plants 2 years before they can bear some proper amount of fruits to feed a family of 3. And all this while my husband would complain and even I for a moment thought that its not just going to happen, and I should just pull them out because they are taking up space in my raised garden. 


This actually made me question something that had been bothering me for a while now, do we no longer have the patience that our Parents possesed. The understanding that nothing in life is going to be quick. Have we forgotten that life is not a Sprint but a Marathon and it takes time to nurture things and grow and learn. 

If the internet gets a bit slower and our web pages take a few seconds longer we get so upset. There is all these fast courses, quick dinners, quick weight loss programs, quick coffee, even quick cupcakes that you can make in the microwave. So, probably we  dont want anything else to take up our precious time. Which, I have to say we have less of everyday. 

Even with all these fast gadgets and services that make our lives easier, we somehow manage to have no time for anything. I honestly wish I had 48 hours in a day so that I can get through my To Do List. Do you feel the same way? Is it because we are sprinting and not walking. 

Or is it because we no longer understand that to achieve anything in life it takes time. I remember when my Dad got his first car after years of working hard and saving money, he was so excited and took care of everything. Me and my brother will actually help him wash the car every Sunday and make it look squeaky clean and shining and it gave him so much joy. 

But when I bought my first car, I was happy for sure, but I was already thinking about what my next car would be. So, rather than enjoying what I had in that moment and slowing down and living that moment that I actually worked really hard for, I sprinted into the future because I just wanted to get ahead of everyone else. 

Rather than living in that moment and enjoying what we have achieved, we probably just want to move to the next achievement. And maybe that is why we feel overwhelmed all the time as the feeling of being content is non existent which was for our parents and theres. 

Social Media does not help as well does it, when we see what others have achieved you suddenly have this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and you really feel restless. I absolutely get this feeling. But, we often forget the behind the scenes of that picture that we are looking at. Probably that trip that your friend took was after so much planning and they were waiting for it and they are sharing the happiness of finally being able to make that trip. 

The feeling of contentment in things and appreciation of what we have has somehow skipped the millennials and I fear would probably completely go away and what scares me the most is that it is not a good thing for the next generation. 



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