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To Be Or Not To Be

To Be Or Not to Be? – The Ultimate Dilemma

Found my first blog in my archives, and it set a new sensation within me. I think I have told you guys that I have tried blogging, I thought this was my second blog, but I was wrong, Pink April Diary is my third blog and probably Final one. I don’t intend to give this one up anytime soon. 

I feel like, I have just started living thanks to my Blog, which has given me immense strength of self confidence and power to speak my thoughts, which I tried twice earlier and failed miserably. Maybe, I am exaggerating! I really didn’t fail, if I picked up blogging again. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? HAVE YOU GUYS STARTED BLOGGING BEFORE AND COULD NOT CONTINUE?

Reading my first ever blog, which of course, I will link here in case you guys think I am lying (I don’t think so you guys think that), made me feel something. Am I seeing things differently, or am I caught up on the same things that I was trying to run away. When I started Pink April Diary Blog and my YouTube Channel, I had a completely different vision for my blog, and Youtube which I think is part of my blog, that I would actually work towards inspiring women like me to focus on themselves finally and love themselves for who they are and what they are capable of and not let this society decide what’s their worth and what they should do.

But, after more than a year of blogging and probably after this ginormous learning curve as we call it, I realized that I lost that charm almost, if it wasn’t for this desire of self discovery that still lingers and the reading my first blog post which sparked this new sense of self confidence. 

Are you confused, what she is talking about. Let me backtrack a bit, I didn’t start blogging just for blogging, I want it to be me and do this long term and do this full time. Thats my ultimate dream, and I think that’s where I got caught up. IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER AND READING THIS, TELL ME WHAT IS YOUR GOAL FOR YOUR BLOG? Are You just having fun, or are you serious about blogging?

I had started with that seriousness that I really want to inspire women and continue doing that in many ways, and I started reading articles, and other technical aspects of blogging, to make the algorithm that I coould reach more of people like me, showing up in search and all of that fun or more like not so fun things that comes as part of blogging. 

Now, after a year, I really know a lot about all of that, but in that process, I missed writing about stuff that I truly cared, like inspirational content. Story about my mistakes that would inspire you, and the most important part, my true love of fashion. 

Yes, there have been posts about fashion, and some very good ones, but I have always tried to make it perfect for the algorithm and not for you all who really want to read it, and as much embarrassing it sounds, it is the truth. I will definitely keep all of those mistakes to another post as that would really crowd this one. But, the main point I am trying to make is that, I constantly find myself in the middle of this big question – To  be myself or not to be?

As a blogger, we start this journey of serving and caring for others and that drives us to share our experiences, but is the world telling us that those experiences do not count anymore. Are they saying, we should only write about things that people are searching and not things that people don’t think that they should be looking for, as that is the gap as a blogger I would want to fill. 

Isn’t the reason a reader comes to our blog is to find someone else’s opinion, or someone else’s views to see things in a different perspective. 


See ya next week!



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