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Grab and Go Breakfast Recipe – Overnight Oats

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Grab and Go Breakfast Recipe – Overnight Oats

It’s finally Summer Vacation time In Sahoo Household. Even though it feels like things should slow down but its still pretty hectic, not really sure why is that the case. I guess maybe because I am reminded of my summer vacations which were filled with trips with family and all the fun times with my cousins.

In this fast paced world I guess our children are missing all of that serenity that we all experienced, along with a good breakfast. Lol! You knew I would get to that didn’t you. Yes, I remember them from my childhood. Lets face it, these days, we probably don’t have time for an elaborate breakfast, so how do we make time for a healthy one. There are so many fast recipes out there, but then you need so many ingredients for them that you just feel like not eating them at all. I felt the same way till I tried some of the recipes myself and realized that, most of these items I already have in my pantry, or at least substitutes for them. As I always say, it does not have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough and the way you prefer it.

Sharing one of my favorite summer recipes – Overnight Oats, and the easiest recipe ever. Ofcourse, I will share the portion metrics, but you literally dont have to at all if you feel like. Its that simple.

I love Fruits, specially during summer when they are cheap and I can find my favorites – Mangoes. Oh Gosh! I can go on and on about them. They add a natural sweetness to any dish.

Ok now that you saw what I am using, lets get to the details:

And The Easy Process!

You can layer them up, or You can add them and mix them however you like, That is the best part! Its so simple that this can be a great kids making their own breakfast idea as well. But I would start withe oats at the bottom since they need the most moisture to be softened.

I love layering the oats with fruits starting with blueberries and topping with Mangoes, both of them have a distinct flavor to it which makes this combination really delicious. With every bite you taste something different.

Adding Coconuts and Nuts at the end since they are the first group that gets to your mouth starting the food palette with fats which makes your food more flavorful and trust it gets you full by the time you reach to the end.

And finally, you get this masterpiece by simply adding milk. I am sure, you are already craving this! The best thing is that in the morning, you can just grab this in the morning right out of the fridge and you are done with your breakfast. YUM!!

Let me know what do you think if you tried this recipe. I love hearing from you guys.

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