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8 Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas for Summer



Graphic tees are my absolute favorites when it comes to T-shirts. I love plain basic tees, but there is something about graphic tees that add a statement to any outfit. If you like t-shirts, I highly recommend adding some graphic tees to your wardrobe to mix up the T-shirt and Jeans game if that is your go to outfit. 

I have some more Jeans and T-shirt style tips that I launched on my YouTube Channel, click here to watch.

Super excited to wear them in so many ways, but I really wanted to create stylish and more work appropriate looks as well, because this would make them so much more versatile and fun to wear because lets face it, most of us probably wear our clothes for work. 

I have two more blog posts where I have shared some awesome band tees which are my favorites always and graphic tees as well. Click here & here.


Graphic Tees - Look 1

Look 1

The First Look is an all white look and the graphic tee with some colors. And the wide leg jeans adds a retro flare to the outfit and the western style belt, and the platform sandals. 

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Graphic tee - outfit 1

Look 2

In this look I wanted to add some long shorts that I absolutely love, but these ones are more slack material which makes them perfect for work. The espadrilles add a summer vibe to the outfit still keeping the black color which makes it perfect for work. And why not add a blazer to complete this business casual look. 

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Graphic tee - outfit 2
Graphic tees - Look 2
Graphic Tees - Look 3

Look 3

Denim Midi skirts are such a fun retro trend to try with graphic tees and this is something that I literally lived in the whole summer last year. I added a clear summer sandal that literally completes the vintage vibe.

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Graphic tee - Outfit 3

Look 4

This is the perfect boho chic outfit for summer. A flare mini skirt is co cute and chic and it looks perfect with a band tee. The  scrappy sandals are also white to keep the red skirt pop out and I thought adding an oversized jacket with create a proportion contrast and add some coverage for cold evenings.

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Graphic tee - outfit 4
Graphic Tees - Look 4
Graphic Tees - Look 5

Look 5

Graphic Tee and a suit is such a great Juxaposition and this is my absolute favorite look. I love how it adds more drama to the otherwise structured blazer. I just thought this was such a fun way of wearing a suit to work. And I thought of swapping a pump with a summer heeled slide. 

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Graphic tee - outfit 5

Look 6

This look is something that I shared during early spring with a pink blazer, but for summer we can skip the blazer and keep the sandal to minimum. This actually makes it perfect for a date night. And its such an awesome way to style up a band tee. Its such a great Parisian style with casual tee and satin skirt thats so chic.

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Graphic tee - outfit 6
Graphic tees - Look 6
Graphic Tees - Look 7

Look 7

This is my most go to outfit. I love baggy jeans and such an awesome relaxing fit for summer. I added a belt to make the denim casual look for more put together look and the pink slides added to the stylish look. This is the ultimate casual chic outfit and The Rolling Stones just adds that retro vibe to the outfit.

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Graphic tee - Outfit 7

Look 8

This last look was completely Rolling Stones inspired and I could not be happier. The 60s is back with all its glory and I absolutely love it for that. The flared jeans are such an awesome way to look like a mile long. I added the nude pumps to give it a more chic look and the pink sunglasses kept me in the 60s era. 

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Graphic Tees - Look 8

I would love tp know which is your favorite look of all of them and if you guys have any other way that you style. Linking the YouTube video as well for you guys to see the outfits in action.


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