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Holiday Look Book – Easy Holiday Party Outfits


As we get closer to Christmas time and NYE, we are only getting busier! Busy to wrap up at work (And this is my personal situation) as well as shopping for gifts, planning trips and hosting parties. And to add on top of that, looking pretty doing it all. I know it sounds like I am pitching something here, but to be honest, that’s the reality. So, creating this look book, it was really important for me to make is easy and wearable, as well as fun and something that you would actually feel special in.

All of these styles are easy transition from work to party, which is always the best thing. To be honest, as a grown women, I have always love looking sophisticated and structured. And winter is all about that! All the layer add a touch of sophistication and style.

Look 1 : Modern Ballerina

I know this one sounds really complicated, but if you see any ballerina, the one thin you will notice is that they are pretty minimalistic. They have a simple makeup and hair is very polished and they just have a glow about them. I have always been a fan of the tulle skirts, but finding a perfect one is very difficult, because to be honest, most of them are probably poorly made. I was so excited when I found this this nude layered tulle skirt from Chicwish which fitted me perfectly and gave me the hip that I always dreamed of 😂.

Yes, i bought this skirt like 2 years ago and its still my favorite skirt in the closet. And I still wear it in special occasion, and the best part is that its still available. I paired it with a classic black turtleneck and my favorite fall trend, chunky necklace. I paired it with ballerina flats or you can swap them with black pumps for an after party look.

Honestly, this is head turner , I always feel amazing in this outfit and the best part is that it does not take a lot of effort, so you can actually enjoy your party.


[yooslider id=81]

LOOK 2 - Black Swan

Lol! You must be like, what, another tulle skirt, but this one is a more classic style which you can also wear to work as well. The skirt is my second purchase from Chiwish, and I have to tell you, I am going to but it in some other colors as well, because, its giving me major Dior vibes. I paired it with a chunky cardigan from but you can also pair it with turtleneck that I used in the above outfit and it will look equally good.

I gave it a bohemian twist with some pendant earrings and my Chloe nile bag which is just my best accessories. I always emphasize on footwear being comfy because you will end up standing a lot in these parties ( trust me I have been there) and comfort is key to having fun. You know I am a fan of re purposing everything. This skirt can be worn even after or before your party. The tulle is not that heavy to make it too dramatic, a Turtleneck and knee high boots and you are ready for work.


[yooslider id=82]

LOOK 3: Structured Sophistication

Now, this outfit is just my absolute go to in terms of this season, I just can’t stop wearing this. Honestly speaking, I can literally wear this to every party. Well, I guess I shouldn’t do that, I did wear this last weekend to a holiday party hosted by our beloved realtor. If you follow me in instagram, you might have gotten a glimpse of it. The top is actually an off shoulder bodysuit which fits like a glove and is true to size, but the great part is that it has a wrap shoulder drop which you can also cover your shoulder and make it into a cowlick as well.

And of course I paired it with my most worn trend, leather pants which goes with everything. These pants might have been sold out from BCBGMaxazria, but I will link a similar one. This is the season when you can rock awesome earrings and I am so excited that this year we have so many pretty ones. The one that I am wearing is from Freepeople which was one of my Black Friday purchase.

LOOK 3: Structured Sophistication

I paired it with my Jimmy Choo mules ( again going for comfort, but I also paired it with some scrappy sandals that I will show you all in my next look. I love how it creates so much sophistication and style. I was asked by so many people where the top is from, which made me really happy for the price that I paid for it.


[yooslider id=83]


Ofcourse, we have to have a dress don’t we! Even though, I go more for pants and sets these days, I love wearing dresses for special occasion. It just has something special in it. It makes you feel you have put an effort into it. I usually go for sleeved dresses, because Slip dresses are really uncomfortable at work till I found this cowl neck slip dress from Lulus which fits so perfectly that when I was trying it for the look book, I just instantaneously fell in love.

I felt so amazing in it that I had to share. The stitching makes is perfect for a slip dress even though it does not have the stitching for it. The color is the fall/ winter color of 2019, Pistachio color with metallic embroidery, which I had my doubts till I wore it. Now I want to wear it always. Haha@! I know I say this for every outfit, but that is the point folks, you have go fall in love with a piece to appreciate the beauty. I paired it with these perfect scrappy sandals that adds to the sleekness of this outfit from a brand called Schutz which is made in Brazil, and I have to say brazilians know how to make these scrappy sandals. Again, true to size, the sandal is like a sock on my foot. I love how slender it is and yet so stylish. I wore it for like a couple hours and still didn’t feel the least uncomfortable. And that is what a footwear should be. I paired it with my new embellished earrings from Free People which look exactly like the Isabel Marant ones but minus the price tag. And, I really miss my hair. I added this side pony which I have shared in my easy holiday hair styles video (Linking below as well).

Now, you must be thinking how I can wear this to work. You can easily pair it with a coat or a blazer and take it off for the party.

[yooslider id=84]


Yes, its exactly what the name suggests, Its my most glamorous outfit and look from the entire look book. This season is all about embellished skirts and dresses and tops. I wish I didn’t get rid of them several years ago. Anyways, if you are going to a work party an embelished dress or a top might be a bit much but a skirt is always a fun way to add to the look and have some fun! Yes, this skirt is actually fun!

Even if it looks heavy, it twirls pretty easily and looks pretty incredible. It adds a little curve to my otherwise straight stature. I have paired it with a black turtleneck to balance the glitz of the skirt. You can easily cover it with a coat at work ( if you are skeptical) and then take the coat off for the party. And to be honest that this is my New Years Eve outfit because It adds the sparkle to my look, Literally 😂.


I kept my hair simple because honestly I wanted the skirt to do the talking. I also added some red lips to give it drama. I have shared my 3 easy makeup looks for my holiday makeups video on my YouTube channel which I will link below.


[yooslider id=85]


In this look I have simply swapped the bodysuit with the black turtleneck that I wore in Outfit 1. You know I love to reuse all the pieces in different ways. This outfit is giving me major New York Fashion Week vibes with ankle booties and keeping my hair open and the chandelier earrings from Free People. This is my favorite and probably a go to look for New Years Eve. Ofcourse, I still love the hint of red with a red bag because the feeling of Christmas would still linger in all our hearts and we probably are not ready to jump into the new year. And RED is always the color to stand out in the crowd.

My Gucci tights are complete hit with this outfit adding more drama and a modern couture flare to the whole look. I paired it with ankle booties from Steven that I bought last year. A black ankle bootie is a must have for any closet.

And My chandelier earrings from Free People just adds that Parisian style that I am so in for. It’s complete glamour with the modern twist with the black turtleneck. I feel like I am ready for a RUNWAY walk!!

[yooslider id=86]

Hope you guys have been inspired to have some fun in this busy season with these outfit ideas. Let me know in the comment below which is your favorite look. Below is the look book video that I recorded for my YouTube channel.



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