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I miss home sometimes. The familiar surroundings, familiar faces and surroundings, is something that I crave. The Morning incense sticks fragrance in the house, the spring breeze coming through the open window. The brocade curtains swaying with the breeze. I am often reminded of all that warmth, but We all grow up and make our own life. So Did I.

I love my home, worked so hard to build it, still decorating it. My house used to have a very simplistic, modern decor, probably imbibing my own nature and feelings of the time. I am sure you all have a piece of you in your home decor too! Slowly, my style has evolved as I became more complicated in my emotions and nature (not saying I have become more complicated, but more like seasoned in life). Bohemian fashion has now become a part of me. I could spend hours shopping in stores like Anthropologie, Free People , Revolve and so on for my outfits. I think this is reflecting in my choices of home decor as well. I constantly search for pieces that are closer to my essence. And sure enough CostPlus World Market is one of my favorite stores to shop recently. It has everything that I want for my home.

Isn’t it Beautiful!! I love to look at all these pretty things
Totally Instagram Worthy Background! Pillows!

Sharing some of my current favorites (Scroll to the end to get discount codes).

  1. Ivory Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Throw
  2. Glass Hurricane with Champagne Gold Stand
  3. Large Brass Sand Timer
  4. Natural Macrame Indoor Outdoor Patio Throw Pillow
  5. Brass Metal Prism Frame
  1. Light Peach Dot Ceramic Planter
  2. Faux Single Stalk Banana Tree
  3. Multicolored Desert Landscape Throw Pillow
  4. Antiqued Zinc Latika Tabletop Lantern
  5. Warm Desert Embroidered Lumbar Pillow

Lets talk about the outfit shall we, because this is like my highlight of the month, even though its suddenly 60 degrees again, but come on Summer is so close, and I cant wait to wear all of bohemian outfits. I am totally mesmerized by Free People. I love everything about it. The White statement Tee which is my most favorite summer style. In case you haven’t check, I am linking my blog post about Statement Tee and why I love them HERE.

The Skirt is extremely soft, And the front slit adds a feminine glamour and sexiness that I am totally in love with. Even though the skirt is Midi length, the curve hugging style makes it alluring to look at. (Yes clothes excite me, they lift my mood).

The Tee is a piece of Art. Though I have not listened to enough songs from Nirvana as a child, but this Tee is every piece of Nirvana, extremely soft and great material that you can wear over and over again. I struggle with a good quality white t-shirt that’s not see through and looks like I found it.

Now for the more important thing, all the discount codes that you can use to shop at World Market.

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Please note that this does not affect your purchase.

XO Suchi

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