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Home Shopping – Modern Glam Boho Decor!


Home Shopping – Modern Glam Boho Decor!

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing great! I am shopping for a console table! No, I do have one, I swear, will post a pic of that just to give you guys proof, but the one I have is more of a Modern Minimalist look, which I have completely grown out of. To be honest probably for most of my furnitures πŸ˜‚ (Don’t tell my hubby that). Anyways, we will talk about why it changed in a bit, and I am looking to place it in a place which is pretty narrow, so lets update from search result here, I am looking for a Narrow Glam boho modern console table. Thats a big search word. Ok, I know I am a Techie but we are not talking about SEO, I swear again. I have literally tried doing the search, and not much luck in finding my style because let’s be honest all these decors are so separated and made to be distinct.

Our Console Table in its full glory

Had to create a new paragraph here, because the one above was too long, So, where were we! Yes! For such a long time, we all wanted to decorate in a certain way which led to distinct styles like Farmhouse style, Glamorous Style, Romantic Style, Vintage Style, Modern Style, Contemporary Style… oh Gosh, and so on. But as everything in the world is a complicated and a HYBRID (using this term because of all the awesome Hybrid cars) our styles have evolved too. We all are so much more exposed to so many things, places, people that our style and personalities develop with it.

And our House is a… oops, our Home is a reflection of our Personality since a home is a safe haven for every human being, a place where we don’t have to pretend to be something, or try something at all. We can just be ourselves, and enjoy US. Now, that we understand why suddenly all these Interior Designer/Architect inspired terms started to blend with each other and we see all this style everywhere.

OK, now that we have got that straightened, lets begin..This post is a little bit about my obsession with this new decor style called Modern Glam Boho which is actually a mix of Glam, Bohemian and Modern Minimalism decor. I have always been a Modern minimalist kind of a person, I like solid shapes, clean lines (I don’t even have crown molding in my house, and so many people have been like what!!) and simple modern furniture with Black floors and white, gray or black furnitures with minimal colors ( I do love colors I swear, you can check my instagram account @pinkaprildiary if you like.

So, I went on a Pinterest hunt on looking for a middle point. Sharing some of my pinterest boards and sharing some of my current love that I want to mix and to get the look.

Entry Way decor - Boho Modern Glam Decor

1. Console Table // 2. Mirror // 3. Table Lamp // 4. Faux Tree // 5. Bowl // 6. Circle Jar // 7. Book 1 // 8. Book 2 // 9. Picture Frame // 10. Vase // 11. Faux Flower // 12. Decorative Box // 13. Book Weight

And Sharing my Glam Modern Boho Pinterest board now 😊

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Lets Have Some Fun!
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