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While sweaters are key to winter styling, but its also key to find the right styles of sweaters that will elevate your daily outfits. And I often realize that we might only be buying a certain style of sweater without exploring other options, so you can take this post as a best sweater styles that you should own to look stylish and put together in winter without any effort.  I am also sharing a budget friendly and a splurge worthy (more like investment piece that will last you a long time). This is also a great checklist post which will help you to see what styles of sweaters you don’t have. 
Winter season are Puffer Coat season and we all got one black puffer coat that we take out and just layer on everything. But we are never happy with the overall outfit, because lets face it, its a puffer coat which is meant to keep us war, not stylish. Let’s change that! I have been styling them a bit differently this year and I can tell you I have found some easy ways you can elevate your black puffer coat outfit. These are all practical and wearable ways. I am not sharing any crop top and joggers outfits, though they also look cool just not on me.
In this post I am sharing 10 common reasons why your clothes look cheap even though sometimes you spend top dollars on them. This is the primary reason you are ruining your style, wardrobe and wasting all the money. These are the reason why you always end up at the discount section or pick up pieces you don’t wear.
In this post I am not only sharing my complete colorful capsule wardrobe plan, but a step by step guide of how you can build it too with winter colors. If you are like me who loves colors then you definitely want to continue rocking them even in the dead cold winter and you can absolutely do it as well. 
You are planning your next ski trip or just a snow getaway to enjoy during the holiday or even after that and wondering what to wear to look good or how to look chic and updated this winter. Don’t worry in this post I am covering that. In this ski trip capsule I am sharing what all items you should pack and what to wear on your ski trip so that you can get those amazing photos and looking chic and stylish. 
If you are like me, you love Fair Isle sweaters, but looking for a good quality and a stylish one that will look good with all your bottoms is definitely a challenge. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. In this post, I am sharing 10 of the best and cutest fair isle sweaters that you can rock all winter without feeling like a Christmas tree. 
Christmas is fast approaching and you suddenly realize that you  have a lot of celebrations to attend but you don’t have something fancy to wear to all of them. Or you may not want to wear fancy outfits all the time but want to look festive for the occasion and look stylish too. So, In this post I want to share some casual outfits for your holiday parties and celebrations that you can easily put together and enjoy the holidays in comfort.

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I am a Techie turned Fashion Blogger with a 14 year old and a complicated history of trying to find my style and confidence back after having my daughter at an early age. 

I have finally found a happy medium where I don’t worry about my body instead enjoy my style my way and I want to help you with exactly that.