Anthropologie Favorites Under $50 For Your Weekend Home Decor Projects

Anthropologie Home Decor Favorites Under $50

You All are probably on the same boat as me when you head out for home shopping or even think of a decorating project. You just instantly head to Anthropologie. Me too! Someone who is an absolute sucker for Bohemian everything, Anthropologie is my favorite place to stop by for some Bohemian home decor finds which are also modern. 

Whenever I want to change things a little bit around the house or add a little bit of extra touch in my home decor, I always head to checkout what Anthropologie has. Sometimes I end up taking some inspirations from the store that I can use and shop for a budget friendly option. 

But this time while doing some online window shopping (which literally never happens) I found some amazing home decor finds that are under $50 and will give your home a major spruce because we all need a little bit of change of environment. 

I feel that way too ladies. Share what are you favorite small weekend projects that you love to at home. I am a huge DIYer. I want to also share some Holiday decor DIYs that you can do at home. So, if you have anything in particular, let me know in the comments section below.

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Favorite Floral Arrangements

Shop Them Below

All of these are my favorite ways to make your coffee table or entryway a little bit fancier and festive.

  1. Floral Fragrance Jar

  2. Dried Phoebe Bouquet 

  3. Gradient Vase

  4. Dried Valentina Bouquet 

  5. Blue Eucalyptus Bouquet

  6. Sunset Vase

  7. Bleached Areca Palm Leaf 

  8. Julieta Vase

  9. Kleo Pedestal Vase (My Diwali Buy)

Candle Lovers & Decoratives

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Decorative Objects

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