Custom Wall Art without breaking your Bank!

Growing up in a small town, I always had a dream to own a beautiful house and to be able to decorate it with my own style. When we bought our new place, we had many challenges which included something that was more critical, the house was a Fixer Upper. We bought the place for its potential and the bare bones, but everything else had to go. When you buy a Fixer Upper, even though you know that after upgrades the place would look amazing, but you always forget an important part – Money is limited too. We were fairly lucky to be able to fit all of our existing furnitures in this house, but there were other factors. I would write a whole blog post on what to expect when you are buying a Fixer Upper, but for now lets focus on what this post is about.

I had a lot of challenges, and even till date, I haven’t finished all of walls with the desired Art and Decor. Budget was again a big issue here. I would love to buy custom pieces from Art Galleries or Stores, but to be honest from a normal salaried family’s perspective it didn’t seem the money’s worth. You rather buy nicer furniture than spending thousand’s of dollars on artwork. I have splurged on some pieces, but then I cant keep doing that.

Today I am sharing with you guys one of my recent projects of a living room nook that I was decorating. I had all of the furniture, but the walls looked pretty dead and empty. Below is the before picture. I did have an old Red Carpet that I used under the Cowhide Rug which you will see later.


I wanted to showcase some of my photography skills, so I picked out some of my favorite photos from last year’s vacation. You can also see Saanvi and Subhechhu on one of them. I tried to mix and match prints. One of them is a digital print that I bought of Etsy.

I ordered custom prints from Shutterfly. I have used them for years and its a pretty inexpensive way of getting custom prints. I also ordered custom frames from Pictureframes costing around $50.00 for the biggest size. (They also have periodic sales and free shipping codes).

And the rest is just spending time assembling the frames and hanging them. It took sometime and Subhechhu to assemble these frames, but we made it in the end.


And here is the finished product:


I used these awesome victorian looking mirrors that I had bought from Ruelela (They are sold out there, so linking it from Walmart). I used 3 of them which means I still have 4 more to use somewhere else. The Macramé was a really inexpensive purchase from our Bali trip. The Faux Fiddle tree is from Overstock (Again a site that I would go to if I want something which I don’t want to pay a lot of money for).

I am pretty happy with the final look of this cute little nook though I think I need a side table and a cute lamp.

What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts on this Decor.

I am using Frosted Gold Frame, Frosted Silver Frame and Matt Black Frame.

Until Next Time..




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