Dream Home – Summer Refresh – Bedroom Edition

Home is where your heart is. Thought of starting with that. It does not have to perfect, it does not have to be like someone else’s house. It should be where you find peace and inviting. It should make you wanna go back and be there. That’s what I call a dream home.

H&M’s home collection has been so enticing to me. I literally want the whole store in my house for many reasons, it is the exact modern bohemian style that I am looking for my home. All the modern clean lines and color hues with the bohemian detailing that seems such an amazing combination.

Sharing some of my bedroom wishlist for summer.

Summer Home Refresh, Metal Mirror, Patterned Pillow, Vase, Duvet Cover. Storage Basket, Jacquard Throw, Box, Bookend, Scented Candle, Rug

1. Metal Mirror – The Mirror has a gold frame that I am obsessed with, it not only makes for a great mirror it can add dimension and style to the wall above your bed if the bed itself has a neutral color.

2. Patterned Pillow – I used to hate the clutter of pillows (haha). Isn’t that funny. But it has grown on me now. I love the different pillow sizes and color to add the coziness to my bed, it also makes for a great bench decor. I also use it on my sofas when I am reading or drinking my tea. (Let me know in the comments how you use these pillows, love to get more inspirations).

3. Vase –  I might have been named the Vase lady. But how can you ever resist a pretty vase. They are so multifunctional. Put them on books as decorative object or they can work as a center piece or can hold utensils, pencils. Yup, you know that.

4. Duvet Cover –  This is actually new for me. I always thought that you have to just buy million comforters in order to change up your bed decor, but hell no ( I know, why don’t you know this). I love this one from H&M which is black something you will find a lot in my home and it has these Moroccan pattern (They can be Indian too) that I am literally obsessed with.

5. Storage Basket – You can’t have enough of them. Specially if you have a tween who loves all of her stuff. This one not only adds practicality but also brings the bohemian vibe with the black pom poms.

6. Jacquard Throw – A throw is a must specially when you hate ruining your well made bed before the night’s sleep. Haha, you can call me weird.

7. Box –  For all your trinkets, I love them because they hide all the stuff that you still want but have no where to put. It also makes a great night stand decor. Isn’t that great!

8. Bookend – This is a must have if you have books. There is no way you don’t.

9. Scented Candle – For days when you want to just not sleep for relax (Chillax as we call it) in your bedroom. This one has a great fragrance for all the floral lovers for this season.

10. Rug – Well, I saved this one for the last. A rug actually makes a room bigger. I didnt know this till I tried it, because it divides the room in different section with different floor texture. What I love about this one is first the price point and second, the ease of cleaning. Win, win.

What’s your favorite bedroom piece other than your bed of course?

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XO Suchi
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