Growing up in a small town with not much technology for entertainment, Nature was my best friend! As a child I could play for hours outside. You would be surprised that I was a Tom Boy as a child, my love of nature brought in the artistic side of me. I could spend hours staring at the stars in the sky and dreaming about what would be the possibilities if I could travel to the stars. I could roam around in Mango Forest (YES! My small town in India had a forest full of Mango trees. Shout out below if you want to know more about it! ) day dreaming about all the adventures I could go on if this was the Amazon forest.

Nature is like part of me. So, naturally flowers bring Joy to me. My husband would catch me being distracted on our Grocery runs standing in the isles of plants or flowers. Even at target I can literally spend hours in the Home Decor section looking for Faux flowers that look almost real.

Ok Enough of my blabbers! So, this year, i started a tradition of always keeping fresh flowers on my kitchen islands, which would keep me closer to the most beautiful creations of the nature (FLOWERS) and remind me to always look to nature for my inspirations.

I love the Vase from Pier 1 Imports that I picked up this spring which adds a hint of soft pink color to my otherwise, almost Black and White kitchen. I literally shop almost everywhere for fresh flowers (Safeway, Sprouts, Whole Foods). By Far Nob Hill has impressed me with the best collections of flowers with of course good price range since these flowers don’t last more than 2 – 2 1/2 weeks depending on the weather.

This time, I wanted to mix and match colors, so picked up these small yellow roses and the pink Gerberas and my favorite Baby’s breath (I am planning to actually plant them in my garden so I don’t have to keep buying them).

I am like in my creative zone. Ignore my face 🙂

And of course had to add some white for the pastels to pop out. The Lisianthus are a great way of adding that and they last really long. Saanvi has adopted a dark red Lisianthus calling it JUNIPER.

And now Ofcourse sharing some of my current favorites that I really want to buy this season and fill them with FLOWERS!!

1. Atlantis Vase // 2. Avignon Ceramic Vase // 3. Rose Herringbone // 4. Geometric Vase // 5. Black Shibori Vase

What Is your Motivation for Inspiration? How do you connect with Yourself?

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XO Suchi

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