How to Holiday Proof Your Home

How To Holiday Proof Your Home!

Now this is not a tutorial post, and neither I am claiming that I am an expert, but around the months of October and November, my kind is faced with the biggest dilemma that I think this year I am trying to solve and I want to share with you all that journey. Yes, you must be thinking what do you mean MY KIND! Is she an alien?

Well, most of you already know this but if you don’t then here it is. I am originally from India, and hence around these months, I also have Dussehera and Diwali, some of the biggest Indian festivals. So, you can imagine how busy these months are for me. But, even though you don’t have these festivals, but you all might have other festivals.

The problem are not festivals, but they happening so close to each other. I totally get overwhelmed by the idea of whether I should decorate my house for Diwali or Halloween or Fall Harvest. Yup, you end up spending so much money and time on decorations. So, I thought I would share and also get some ideas of how you all decorate your home for all these events without a lot of effort.

Slow Down

Yes, when I realized this, I felt really at ease. I know the world demands us to be the perfect version, to be able to do everything and sometimes name us multitaskers, but to be honest, even if you don’t do that, you are still great and I can write another blog about that, but lets focus on this post about decoration shall we! Lets slow down, and take a step back, and decide what we want to do. Sometimes that helps in prioritizing all the updates that we want to make to our home decor to get ready for the Holidays.

You need to prioritize which holidays are you focusing or you want to decorate for all of them.

Add Accents

Now, rather than going all the way in, I love using accents for every festivity. I would decorate my porch with fall harvest style. Now, I love real pumpkins, but if you want to save up and repurpose them, then buying artificial ones are a great way of doing that. Adding a pop of the festivities in your home is a stylish way of doing it. And of course great for your wallet.

I also love adding gold accents which always is perfect for all holiday festivities including Diwali, thanksgiving and Christmas.

Decorate A Section

This is actually a really fun way of decorating. Rather than decorating the whole house, pick a section of the house, that way its always easy to take down the decorations after the festivity is over. I always pick the dining room for fall and Thanksgiving. Living room nook for Halloween and my office room for Diwali and of course family room for Christmas.

I always head back to World Market for more decor pieces. They seem to have all of the decors for all festivities and its easy to buy it in one place. They also have a buy online and pick up in the store.

Add Florals

Adding even faux florals or leaves add a vibrancy to the decor. I love changing it for seasons because it brings in the outdoors in. I love that World market has now dried flowers and leaves that works amazing as a faux flowers but with some fragrance of the real thing. And it feels like we brought in fresh flowers.


Color Theme

I know it can be hard in era of ever changing Pinterest boards and instagram pictures we see all year around this season. But we just can’t keep buying all new decor every season. Picking a color theme for the decor definitely helps. You can always add more pieces and change it up a little every year. This way, you don’t feel like you need to buy a whole new set of decorative items. And, our Pinterest boards are also happy.

I love to keep my Halloween orange, but I like to have greens for winter and reds for Diwali, that way. This way you can easily pick the decor pieces and repurpose it every year which is a huge plus for our budget.

I hope this helps you in slowing down and actually enjoying the holidays rather than thinking about how to achieve it all. I would love to know your thoughts on this or if you think you have an idea that works amazingly for the holidays.




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