When You are Busy and in a hurry in the morning, or you probably fall back to wearing Jeans and Sweater almost always because thats the easiest to wear, you suddenly find yourself that you have nothing to wear.

Sharing my top tips to create a stylish outfit everyday with just Jeans and Sweater. Read on for the tips below:

Tip 1: Tuck In Your Sweater

Tucking in your sweater, easily creates a style statement. It makes the whole outfit look more put together and stylish because it looks like you put an effort to putting together the outfit. Shared 5 ways you can tuck in your sweater in another video which I am linking here.

Tip 2: Proportion Contrast

This can be achieved by pairing a fitted sweater with a baggy jeans   or an oversized sweater with a skinny jeans to create a more effortless stylish look. And we all know that oversized clothes are so in. You can also add an oversize coat which adds so much style.

Tip 3: Add A Belt

Adding a belt to any basic jeans and sweater outfit creates a structured and accessorizes the look with the hardware. It does not have to be a fancy belt as long as it is a contrast color or a contrast hardware to it. It instantly transforms the look.

Tip 4: Wearing Whites

This is the most fun and best way to make your outfit instantly chic and stylish. Going all white easily makes a perception that you have  made an effort into picking your outfit and white color itself makes the look so stylish. I have a video where I go deeper into this subject. I am linking it here for you guys to watch.

Tip 5: Add a Pop Of Color

This is a contrast of Tip 4 but can also be used with whites. Adding a color instantly uplifts the outfit. Makes it appear more chic and stylish. It also lifts your mood. If you go for more black outfits. This is a really easy way of elevating the outfit.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and Liked the tips. Comment below which is your favorite tip and share if you have any unique ways you style your  jeans and sweater.

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