Why I Skipped Skinny Jeans & Have Been Living in Slouchy Jeans Over a Year!

I have a confession to make, I have not purchased a single Skinny jeans in over a year now. And more importantly, have not worn them too. And in this post I want to share why and how I am literally living in Slouchy Jeans everyday even when working from home or even when I am outside. And more importantly, why you should also make the swap.

If you have been following me on any of the Social Medias, you can go back to my first fall lookbook last year where I introduced them to my wardrobe. I was a bit uncomfortable wearing them initially and honestly didnt know how to style them in anyway, except for using a puff sleeve top with them and adding a long denim jacket. 

Slouchy Jeans - Pic 6

But since then I have literally worn them for days now or lets say for a year now. As a grown woman in my 30s, I have to say my body is a bit more relaxed just like my mind. And skinny jeans always felt like work. Of course they made you look skinny, hence the term, but at the same time, if you wanted to eat in them, it will be really painful to do that. Or even for women like me, who have a desk job and sit around for around 10-12 hours a day. 

The slouchy jeans on the other hand have a waist pleat that makes it really comfortable to sit for longer time without your stomach getting squished to death. And what is the point of that amazing style if you are not comfortable in them. 

I also love the balloon leg finish and the tapered ankles which adds a dressier touch to the denim. It gives an illusion of trousers but with denim. Because of this silhouette your legs look slimmer and so does your waist, something that a straight figured women like me would appreciate. 

Slouchy Jeans - Pic 3

Because the legs have a relaxed fit, it feels more comfortable to carry out all of your days work in them, you feel like you are wearing Joggers which are fancy. Since last fall, I have styled them in so many ways. I just could not believe that these Mango Slouchy jeans would last me perfectly for more than a year for a price of $59. So, I decided to invest in 2 more colors, washed blue and cream which were perfect for Summer. Though I kept wearing my black one for the entire year.

They are so versatile round the year and the color black dresses up any outfit. So, even if you want to dress casual, you can swap your t-shirt with a fancy top and look all dressed up for a party. That is the beauty of these pants. 

I think I sometimes I put in on my age, but I have slowly found that style does not have to be a compromise to your comfort. You absolutely need to be confident in what you are wearing to be able to look attractive and stylish.

In this outfit that I am sharing, I found this shoulder pad tee that I was searching for a long time from Mango as well which had a perfect fall color tone. And I felt like it added that fall touch to this outfit even though we still didnt have the fall weather in California yet. 

An easy way to add a layer to this outfit would be to add a long cardigan that will balance the shoulder pads. And my lofer mules are giving me the perfect work vibes that I wanted this outfit to look like. I am also sharing some more ways I have styled these slouchy jeans in the past year. 

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Slouchy Jeans - Pic 6
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And I am planning to create a Slouchy Jeans look book for fall on my YouTube Channel. So, if you are interested, please be sure to subscribe to my channel below:

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Linking some of my favorite Slouchy jeans that I have found that would add some comfort and style to your wardrobe, not just now, but for years to come.

Slouchy Jeans - Pic 8
Slouchy Jeans - Pic 10
Slouchy Jeans - Pic 8

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