How to Wear Close Toe Espadrille Wedges with Daily Outfits

If you are wondering how you can easily incorporate these chic footwear style and my favorite style of espadrilles then keep on reading. 

I have been wearing these espadrille wedges for a while now and I have to say, they are really comfortable. And the lace up ones look more feminine and perfect dressed up touch to even a casual outfit. 

Let’s get started with how we can style them with our normal clothes. 

What I am covering in this post:

Espadrille Wedges + Blue Jeans

Jeans are an awesome way to feel dressed up and still be casual. I love wearing the espadrille wedges with straight leg or even cropped flared jeans that show my ankle a bit and displays the lace up details of the wedges. 

This definitely enhances my casual outfit and looks like I have put in an effort to come up with the outfit without any actual effort. 

When I look for jeans, I prefer simpler shades and minimum rips. This is something that I feel looks more elevated and compliments the espadrilles as well. You don’t want to wear too much of ripped jeans which feel childish anyways. 

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I am also sharing some more ways you can style lace up espadrilles with jeans. Some of my favorite styles of jeans that show a bit of the espadrille lace and looks chic together are:

  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Slouchy Jeans
  • Cropped Flare 
  • Skinny Jeans 

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Espadrille Wedges + Linen Pants

Linen pants are perfect for Sumer weather and you can also pair them with these espadrille wedges. Together in the outfit they create a comfortable and summer friendly style that is also chic and sophisticated. 

I find wide leg linen pants really comfortable and they almost look like wide leg pants instead of looking really casual. And if they are cropped style, it only makes it better. I usually prefer Ankle length style of these linen pants. 

This way I can wear it with flats as well. But when you pair them with lace up espadrilles, the outfit looks elevated and more put together. 

And linen with these canvas espadrilles make for an awesome summer pair that you can absolutely repeat again and again. 

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Espadrille Wedges + Shorts

You might think you cannot wear espadrilles with shorts and look good, but I am here to prove you wrong. I love wearing espadrilles with shorts all the time. 

Shorts are usually worn really casually and you end up looking more laid back and relaxed. But when you pair them with Espadrille wedges, they instantly elevate the outfit. And when you pair a structured top or a blazer, you can look sophisticated and so stylish even with something as casual as shorts. 

I want to share two of my favorite outfits that you can absolutely wear everyday and still look good.

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Espadrille Wedges + Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are a great way to ditch the jeans or pants in the summer but with some modesty where you really don’t want to show a whole lot of your legs. 

They also look really chic and sophisticated with any style of top, even a basic t shirt. 

I love wearing these espadrilles with even denim midi skirts that are a bit difficult to create more elevated and modern looks with. in fact together they look chic and sophisticated. And you don’t have to just wear white espadrilles, you can pair any colored one or even black ones with them.

I have recently discovered Flounce skirts and espadrilles are a perfect pairing with them. Together they look feminine and fun way to dress up a casual t shirt.

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Espadrille Wedges + Ankle Length Dresses

Ankle length dresses are a new genre of maxi dresses that do not cover your legs completely and are a great clothing item to pair the lace up espadrilles with where you want to create a chic outfit and look more dressed up. 

Espadrille wedges are so versatile that they go well with any style of these maxi dress. Some of my favorites are slip dress, shirt dress and fit and flare dresses. 

All of these dresses look really pretty and feminine and espadrilles just elevate the overall look even more. This is great way to wear them to a special occasion without wearing a fancy dress. 

If you have a wedding coming up, they will be a great alternative for that. 

I hope this outfits inspire you to invest in a good pair of espadrille wedges that will last for a long time and you can wear them with so many different outfits. 

I have also shared a detailed review of my favorite espadrilles that you can see me rocking everywhere which are from Castaner. Check out the full review here.

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