How To Wear All White For Fall & Winter

I have heard this so many times but at the same time all white for fall winter does look the most luxurious. I actually love wearing white in the cooler weather more than blacks or browns. I find the color making any of my outfits look a million dollars and also look really stylish.

There is always something really elegant about white in general and in fall winter, different texture and fabric makes it look even more like the beautiful snow. What do you guys think? I am sure you all also love wearing some form of white, if you do, please dont forget to comment below and let me know what is your favorite white fall winter piece in your closet. 


I wanted to share some tips to wear all white even during cool weather:

Add a Pop Of Color as a Third Piece

In California, the weather hasn’t quite gotten to that low of a temperature yet to bring out all the cozy sweaters and thermals. But the evening breeze has shifted to more of a calm and cool temperature and you definitely need a layer, so I thought of adding this shacket from my H&M shopping that I shared before to the all white look to give a bit of a color to the otherwise really monochromatic look.  

Adding a pop of color or even adding some fall colors to an all white look makes it look more stylish and to be honest breaks the boring monochromatic look. I never used to wear all whites till I tried this trick and it looks really good.

Accessorize with other Colors

Even if you are wearing all white, you can still accessorize like this pink tone sunglasses that I am wearing adds a change of color, you can do that easily with regular black sunglasses too. I just find it as easy way of styling all white when you cannot really wear a jacket or coat. This actually saves your outfit from looking like a uniform or something.

Create a Waistline

This is really important if your whites are almost matching, even if you are wearing jeans and have tucked it, it might look a little too matching and there would be no focus to your waistline making your silhouette look a bit boxy.

Adding a belt even if you are wearing a dress or skirt, will accentuate your waist and give you that feminine look. It also makes the outfit look more put together and stylish. I use this trick specially if I am wearing t-shirt and jeans, as they can blend in a bit.

How To Wear All White For Fall & Winter - Pic 4


Use of a contrasting colored handbag is a great way of breaking the all white look as well. Specially if you have a crossbody bag or belt bag, thats accentuates the white even more. There used to be a trend of matching your clothes with handbags, and I am so glad that its not a trend anymore. 

A bonus tip, if you want to match your handbag with anything, do it with your shoes. In this case, since I am wearing white booties, I chose to go for a contrasting color that stands out and makes the whites look whiter.

How To Wear All White For Fall & Winter - Pic 6
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How To Wear All White For Fall & Winter - Pic 3
How To Wear All White For Fall & Winter - Pic 2

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