How To Get Your Family Ready For Family Photos This Fall

How To Get Your Family Ready For Family Photos This Fall

We finally made it to a pumpkin patch for our family photos and though the pumpkin patch was not the best, we made it the perfect spot for our family picture with a Teen. Which I have to say is a challenge in itself. If you are on the same boat as me, I wanted to share some tips on how you can quickly and easily get your family ready for a photo shoot. 

You yourself have to be mentally prepared that not everything will be as you expected it to be. I had mentally thought that I will be enjoying so much, and the destination will be gorgeous. And just that everything will be perfect. But while getting to the destination, everything changed and this could happen for many reasons, it can be the traffic, or you all are hangry (this is mostly the reason), you could be tired or someone is just not in the mood.

Saanvi was definitely not in the mood for a photo shoot which is typical for a teenager. Rather than letting it bother us, we decided to just laugh at it and make her feel heard. Its important otherwise, you will also ruin your mood. And you know what that is going to lead to. We chose to head over to Half Moon Bay and explore one of there Pumpkin patches only because it was away from the city and the pictures would come out to be natural. 

But this somehow worked against us as everyone else decided to do the same in the weekend. Now, instead of waiting and going to that one destination that we had initially chosen, we modified our plan to head to the first pumpkin patch we saw if it looks empty. And that worked. So, the key take away was to focus on having a perfect mindset compared to location. 

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Lets talk about props and the most important is our outfits and thats obvious isn’t it. We chose to wear all black because Saanvi didnt have anything Plaid and Subhechhu did not want to wear plaid, so we decided to wear something that we all had and that was black. Now I chose this also because, we would stand out from all the pumpkins in the backdrop, and I am glad we did that. The pictures look amazing. 

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And the most important thing that we did was to go with the flow and not worry about perfection. Sometimes perfection is boring and specially with the family pics I wanted it to be more natural and flowy compared t o trying really hard to find the perfect pose. I have realized this after 14 years that you will never find a perfect picture, but you just have to feel happy and the pictures will come out good. 

Now, We also took a tripod with us which helped a lot since we did not have to depend on anyone else to take our photos which again sometimes is awkward and you probably wont get much of a chance in getting more pictures. Also, sometimes infant of a stranger, you feel weird don’t we. 

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Pick a place that would be far from the crowd. That way you get good backdrop and there is no one photo bombing you. We just went to the back of the pumpkin patch and waited for anyone behind us to leave. And then setup our tripod and got the camera connected through my phone to be able to control it and thats it, took pictures and came back. 

Hope these tips helped you to get a bit more comfortable and feel ok with not having the perfect picture but having the perfect moments with your family.



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