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How To Look Chic & Stylish In The Heat – Summer Style

How To Look Chic & Stylish In The Heat – Summer Style


Who else is excited for warmer weather? I sure am! And I cannot stop sharing my happiness in whatever way I can. Now, its not yet that hot in California yet, but its sure going to be and in many other parts in United States and other parts of the world, its already pretty hot and humid as well. And when that happens, we automatically feel really uncomfortable and probably fall back into a rut of wearing something super basic every time just so that we can manage the heat. 

I get it girl, but if you are like me, still striving to look and feel your best, then read along and watch the video at the end of this page as well to get a full understanding. These style tips are really the basics of creating a chic summer look that is comfortable and stylish and most importantly really practical. And if you are already following some of those tips, let me know your thoughts in the comments field below.

Structured Clothing

This one is the easiest and the by far the most efficient ways of how to look good when its hot outside. Switch from tank tops or slouchy camis to something more structured like a short sleeve shirt or collared blouses that adds more structured silhouette to the whole outfit and easily transforms a more put together style without any effort. 

I love wearing linen shirts and blouses that are airy and breathable and also look really nice. Its important to pay attention to the fabric material since that plays an important role in keeping you comfortable which at the end reflects on your style. 

Wearing Structured clothes to Look Chic

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Wearing Light Colors to Look Chic & Expensive

Play With Colors (Light Colors)

Summertime is the best time to wear bright colors that bring out all the summer vibes in us. With the sun shining on us, and with that tan going on, every color looks great on our skin tone. Trust me, if you are scared of trying a new color, summer would be the perfect time to do that. You will rock them. I will be coming out with a generic color palettes that go well together, so keep an eye out for that.

But, the key is to stick to more lighter color tones like pastels, neons, all in cooler tones that looks soothing to your eyes. Avoid dark colors like burgundy, deep purples, dark browns. They dont necessarily feel summery. If you do want to wear them, pair them with white, but I would say not to wear them, because you have fall and winter to rock those colors. 

And lighter color fabrics in general look more luxurious and expensive even if you haven’t paid that much to buy it. Don’t you agree.

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Proportion Contrast (Mix & Match)

This is one of my favorite terms and most important fashion rule to turn any outfit chic and you will hear me say this again and again. But what can I say, it actually works.  Always pair an oversize top with a fitted bottom and the other way around. Always follow this rule and you will always look fabulous. 

The only exception to this rule would be a flowy skirt, which you can belt at the waist. The day I started following this style rule, my outfits just transformed. Every outfit looked chic. 

Wear an oversize t shirt with fitted shorts or wear wide leg pants with a fitted top. This way you can easily pair a fitted tank top with something flowy and look super chic. Try it and let me know what do you think?

Wearing Oversized with Fitted Clothes to Create Chic look
Jewelries are an easy way to chic up your look

Create A Statement

Since we can’t really layer like we do in fall or winter which adds a statement look to our outfit, we can add an awesome statement accessory and make our whole outfit look more stylish and put together. 

Accessories are a great way of adding a special touch to our outfit, but did you notice that I said statement accessory and not accessories, because, going overboard with a tone of statement pieces looks overdone and not at all stylish. 

Now I am not saying to just wear a necklace or earring, but to balance the pieces, if you are going heavy with a necklace, trying wearing a simple earring. If you are wearing a statement belt, then swap your chunky necklace with a dainty necklace.

This one not only make your outfit look stylish, it also creates a sophisticated style.

Summer Footwear

I cant tell how you how much my feet loves the summer flip flops, the freedom from boots, but at the sometime, flip flops does not really translate to me being really put together. There are so many other really cute and stylish options of summer footwear like gladiator sandals, espadrilles and so many more that looks really elegant and stylish and would instantly transform any basic casual outfit. 

I specially love strappy sandals and espadrilles which are instant style elevators and are also super comfortable in the hot weather, And you can easily and walk in them all day. And that is really important, because if you are not comfortable, it wont reflect in your overall personality. Confidence is key and comfort plays a really important role in that. 

Summer Sandals that are Chic & Stylish

Shop Summer Footwear Below

Less is Always better when you are trying to look chic

Less Is More

Repeat this after me. Less is always More. This is actually a life lesson that we all need to practice, but meanwhile lets implement that in our style as well. Most stylish people have a way of keeping their style minimal with not overdoing with accessories or overdressing or not wearing too much makeup. 

I love wearing makeup, but in summer when my skin wants to breathe a little, I really like to skip my foundation and go for something more light weight like a tinted moisturizer. I have a whole tutorial on my everyday fresh face makeup look without foundation on my Youtube Channel. Click here to watch. 

Bonus Tip

This is absolutely something that I always done no matter what the weather is and you should too. I am absolutely a big fan of floral perfumes, but of a softer feminine fragrance and I love how it overall smells. The soft floral fragrance adds a  touch of the spring and flowers and has a calming effect on me.

But, The tip is to keep a hand lotion with if possible the same fragrance as your perfume that you can apply when needed. I usually do use it after I wash my hands and it refreshes my perfume smell even when its sweaty. 

When people approach you, you find yourself more confident because you know you dont just smell sweaty and they feel amazing smelling the perfume. I just find that having that signature fragrance adds a touch of luxury to your personality and overall elevates your style.

Wearing Perfumes can give you a Chic Personality

I hope you Fashionistas found this tips helpful in beating the heat with some style. Let me know your thoughts.

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Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt-3


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