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8 Things I Am Doing To Start The Week Right

Happy Monday Lovelies! 

I know I am bit late for this post, but well thats the great thing about Mondays, they happen to comeback to haunt us every week. Hahaha! Well, at least that is how I feel when Monday’s usually come around. I am kind of sad that the week is starting again and more like Sunday is over. For the longest, I have felt that way, and I cannot remember when it all started. But the thought of getting up and heading to work just makes me cringe and feel like as if I am loosing something big.


So, this year, I decided to not feel that way, I wanted to really do something about it for various reasons, I am in my mid 30s, and for those of you who are on the same boat, you know what that means, time is of essence. I am a kind of person who hates wasting time, always doing something. And for me, wasting my thoughts and energy and an entire day sulking does not sound good. 

If you do the math, In a year, we approximately have 52 Mondays. And if I started sulking about a Monday since I turned 30 (that is a bit of a turning point and now you can guess my age), I have already spent around 312 or more Mondays sulking!!! Huh! Thats quite a number isn’t it. And thats a lot of days to spend in negativity and sadness. Who has time for that. 

So, today I did stuff slightly differently than most days, and I wanted to share my experience so that we both keep each other accountable, to keep our Mondays and the beginning of the week pleasant to feel excited about the week.

Table of Contents

This is your Monday Morning Reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.

Sleep A Bit Early On Sunday

It sounds dreadful, but hear me out, preparing yourself for success is the only way to succeed. I have tried the other way around trust me. I have winged it for years, because I knew I had talent, but it just does not work.

We decided to sleep earlier than our usual time, and you already might be doing this. If yes, I admire you so much. For the longest, I dreaded the inevitable Monday, and just did not want to sleep. So, even if Saanvi had school and we had office, and we would get to bbed a little late. And right now with the Work and Study for home situation with COVID, it just gets worse, because you are like, well I am still going to be at home tomorrow, so what am I to loose.

But heading to bed later, only means that you will sleep later. At least this is the case for me. Because I am not a fast sleeper kind of a person unlike Subhechhu who can sleep anywhere anytime. Lol! what I can do for that kind of sleep.

Create a NightTime Ritual to Actually Sleep

This is my biggest problem. I do have a nighttime ritual. I usually put on my lip mask from Laneige, apply my foot cream. Put on my night socks if my feet are too cold. For me I need to feel completely cozy before I can sleep. But there was one thing that I did that made me not sleep at all. I would head to social media. While my job as a blogger is to do that, and you kind of get so used to it, that its hard to not check.

But checking social media literally kickstarts my brain and I get into this spiral of things to do and start strategizing and gosh, then I can’t sleep. 

So, last night, I actually just kept my phone away and had a short conversation with Subhechhu about our home renovation plans and tried to sleep. And gosh, that worked. I slept like a baby. And woke up right on time when I wanted to. 

But, I know this might not be the case for every night. Subhechhu usually sleeps in like 5 minutes, so tonite I am planning to read a book and start on my goals of reading 10 books this year. 

Get Up a Bit Early

This is specially difficult during this Pandemic time when I am really not going anywhere. When I started working from home in 2020, I literally was so happy because, I could sleep a little longer. But in total honesty, I wasn’t sleeping longer, because I was actually staying up later. 

So, that was a useless thought to have. So, today, even though its a off day from work, I woke up earlier than usual for an off day. (6:50 am) and got up. Now, because I had slept well, I could get up early Sure, it was hard. The blanket was cozy, even Subhechhu was sleeping, but I needed to conquer Monday. 

An easy way is to have an alarm clock to get up. And I am going to use that tomorrow because I think I will really wake up. If you hate alarm clocks, then try using a music instead. That will definitely be better than a nagging alarm. 

Don't Get to Your Phone Right Away

I am so guilty of this. This was my downfall! I always started my day with logging on to my social media, checking my emails. And gosh, I would fall into this rabbit hole of things and by the time I woke up, it was already like 30 minutes passed. Do you also do that? 

Early mornings are so precious and so important to start on a positive note. I remember as a kid when I had no phones, I used to wake up super early to study, I was always a morning person even back then. I would wake up, make something warm to drink, as I got older I started drinking tea. And I would sit down to study. No distractions, at the early hour and I could solid get and hour or more of quality focus time. 

Now with technology we kid of have gotten crippled and often become a slave to it. I decided to not do that today. It actually helped me not get distracted and quickly get ready for my workout session. And I felt great. 

Don't Multitask!

Another thing, I have always kind of done, I would multitask everything. Reading while doing my hair. Listening or watching while working out. While its a great thing to do, but If you really want to focus, and get things done on time, that is not the way. 

I decided to not listen to anything motivational while working out. Since I started working out at home during this Pandemic, I have been guilty of listening or watching something motivational a few days hoping that it would help me get motivated to workout and get a head start of the my day. 

It always backfired, because I was always late. I spent too much time in listening to that, and not actually working out. So at the end of the session, I did not feel amazing about my workout and I was also late to getting ready for work. 

Today, I skipped that, And even though I did a moderate workout, I finished it on time to get ready and I was focused on my posture and what body parts I was working out on.

Take an Early Shower!

I am not sure if you are a morning shower person, but I am! I love to start a day fresh and feeling fresh. But during this Pandemic, I have been guilty of staying longer than needed in my PJs. And skipping my morning showers. It has always put my day off. 

Somehow, I always felt less and less productive doing that. And somedays, I didn’t even feel like doing anything. Though I know there will be days when I might feel that way again, but today will not be one of those. 

Specially in these colder seasons, taking an early shower wakes me up and my body is more prepared for the weather. Compared to the days when I shower at noon or in the evening I feel cold the whole day. 

Get Dressed!

This was my favorite part of heading to work, dressing up! I am sure you can tell. But while I worked from home, I thought of having some lazy days which turned into most days. And there would be days when I would just be in my Pjs. 

While some people thrive in it, I hated myself. I didn’t feel pretty or productive. Somehow for me, looking good was important to do good at work or even at home. This also started affecting my motivation to workout because I just thought I could get away with it. 

If I am not looking good, whats the point in working out. That is not going to do now. So, I decided to dress up. And I picked something that is comfortable and cute. A dress is an obvious choice if you want to look cute and comfy. And I paired it with a cropped cardigan to stay cozy at home. 

Usually, I would pair it with my Sarah Flint perfect zip booties to create a boho chic look, so I wanted to show you how this outfit looks. But I usually wear my home slippers.

Fridays Won't be so great if we didn't have Modays.

Have Your Breakfast!

This is something I religiously do, and I cannot stress enough. Its so important to eat your breakfast. Your body needs to kickstart your metabolism, and a breakfast is a great way to do that. 

I usually don’t make a big fuss about breakfast. Who has time to make them, instead, I go for boiled eggs, or cereal, bread with peanut butter or oatmeal. 

As long as you are not skipping your breakfast, your mood would be good too. A lot of people, including my daughter think that they are not hungry. But you body needs fuel, and if you dont give it to that, the proper hormones wont be generated which in term lifts your mood. 

I do’t want to bore you with more information about this. But breakfast does not have to be big Eat small portions.

Planning Your Week Before Monday

This was a key change for me. As I became an adult and now in my 30s, I suddenly hate being one. I hate the piling bills or repair work calls or even appointments that I have to make. Who said becoming adults is amazing.

But in reality all that have to be done and can be done if we plan for it. Postponing is not the answer, the answer is planning. 

I had planned to write this post, and so glad I did otherwise, I would have never gotten to it. An easy way is to have a post it somewhere or a reminder set which will help you schedule them and more importantly get them done. 

Hear me out. You don’t have to be super planner here. You can keep a mental plan or small  notes of what your week might look like, and plan accordingly. 

Here are a few things I like to plan a week in advance:

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Hope this post will inspire you to take charge of your Mondays. If you have any tips that you want to share which will make all of our Mondays better, please do so. 

Happy Monday again! 



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