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Monday Motivations – Breakfast Smoothie Recipe!


Monday Motivations – Breakfast Smoothie Recipe!

Sharing today’s thoughts and our smoothie recipe that the 3 of us drank during our road trip which literally saved me from gaining a lot of weight which always happens after a long vacation.

Breakfast smoothie recipe

The best thing about this recipe is that there are no artificial protein powder and that makes it awesome for kids as well. This was just perfect to start our day on a vacation and then we did not fee guilty at a lot for eating all that carbs and other delicious dishes we were so looking forward to.

I did not add the ratios because, you know you wanna drink as much as you want so that you are not hungry till the next meal.

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Let me know if you liked the taste. You can also add blueberries or replace water with coconut water. There was no sugar needed at all.

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