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Monday Motivations – Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Monday Motivations – Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Ok, I have to be honest, my motivation for this post was actually forcing myself to try these recipes and eat less carbs! Do you Relate? I love carbs, which girl doesn’t. It’s the essence of my life. But we all know a lot fo carb is definitely not good for anyone (maybe a baby). So last week in the attempt of trying to eat more protein and less carb, I tried these dishes. There was another reason for it as well. I hate monotony. I can’t eat the same food everyday. Its boring!!

Hence, more of a motivation to find different dishes so I keep with the motto of less carb. It is tough to come up with new dishes every morning and at the same time get ready, get your child ready and look amazing for work. So, I get it when we all struggle and rely on a bagel or donut.

Hope, my venture to keep me on a healthy track helps you stay motivated as well. Without murmuring anymore, lets checkout these dishes and let me know your thoughts:


Let me know in the comments if you like any of these recipes. And I am also curious to know what you guys eat for breakfast.

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