New You With Your Old Closet!

New You With Your Old Closet!


What I am covering in this post

Don’t we all love it when we can find something in our closet and reinvent it into something else, and come up with a new outfit!

I used to be someone who would skip a garment once its worn, thinking that well people would think that I am wearing the same outfit everyday. This was because I bought pieces only for one purpose or as many fashion stylists say with one outfit in mind, which meant I would not wear it again in probably the near future. Eventually I got bored of the same look and shoved the piece into the back of my closet.

I used to be one of those people, with that one vision till I decided that I can’t really afford this lifestyle plus, I want to own pieces of clothing that I would love to wear again and again. In the photos above and below, I have put together an outfit from pieces that I have now owned for atleast 3 years. My youngest baby being my Gucci Sunglasses from last summer. All of these pieces I have worn with different items in my closet and came up with a whole new outfit. A lot of Stylists call these items INVESTMENT PIECES. Well, not because they are expensive. Some of the item from my outfit are below $100 and below $50 even. Some of them I snagged on sale. But trust me, I didn’t do it in one day. It took me years to build my closet, and honestly, I am still trying.

The white turtleneck is from Anthropologie which I picked up on a sale 2 years ago. The brown Barneys jacket is also almost 2 years ago from ASOS. I love my black skinny jeans that I have worn to death in the past year ( I think I need a new pair). They are high waisted from Madewell! Speaking of high waisted jeans, I think I only own high waisted jeans and pants, because they are so comfy, specially if you have a desk job. My boots are from Steve Madden ( they are comfortable too) and great if its raining.The most expensive piece is my Burberry Leather Belt bag that I bought over a year ago and works very well with all of my outfits and big enough for all of my stuff and giant laptop.As most of these pieces are old, I am linking below similar items that I found on the internet that you might like.

White turtleneck – Mango

Black Jeans (These are actually still available in Madewell, and I am buying another one :))

Jacket – Barneys

Boots – Madewell

Bag – Burberry Leather Belt Bag (I found a similar color)

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I am Suchibaksmita aka Suchi

I am a Techie turned Fashion Blogger with a 14 year old and a complicated history of trying to find my style and confidence back after having my daughter at an early age. 

I have finally found a happy medium where I don’t worry about my body instead enjoy my style my way and I want to help you with exactly that. 

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