What to Wear in October in California – Monthly Outfit Plan

Wondering what to wear this October and specially if you are in California, then this post is specially for you. October is kind of a weird month specially in California where the days are really warm and the nights are really cold. And for someone who layers on like a chunky knit when the temperature drops to 60. 

It becomes really challenging to dress and look good at the same time. Don’t worry, I have got you covered, in this post, I am sharing a month worth of outfit ideas that you can use to create your own daily looks. 

Since I am a bit late for this months outfits, I will only start from today, but, next months outfit plan will be before the month starts, so don’t forget to subscribe so you get notified when the post comes out.

Let’s start, shall we.

I also have the calendar above which you can use to plan out your outfits and see what to wear on which date. 

I have also included some date night and other outfit ideas which might inspire you to try and do those things. I helps me too when I already know what I was to wear to be able to commit to a plan.

Below each of the outfit, the link of the what pieces I have used is also also added for your reference in case you don’t own those pieces or are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe. 

Happy October!

How To Use This Guide

You can either bookmark this page or save the outfits to your Pinterest board.  Or you can download the plan by entering your details at the end of the page. 

I have laid out the plan as per date, so it makes the guessing out of what to wear on a particular day. I also have the details of each of the pieces in each of the look. 

You don’t have to shop for any of the pieces, but the details will help you to recreate the look with pieces that you already own.

I hope this post took the worry out of the dilemma of what to wear this month. Let me know which outfits spoke toy the most and which outfits are you planning to wear this month.

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