Printed Top Summer Denim Outfit

Printed Top Summer Denim Outfit

Top – Ann Taylor // Jeans – Levis // Sandals – Calvin Klein // Bag – Lousi Vuitton // Sunglasses – Valentino

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Summer Linen Pants Outfit

Lilac T Shirt – Mango // Linen Pants – Club Monaco [SOLD OUT – Similar] // White Sandals – Dolce Vita // Sunglasses – Prada // Bag – Louis Vuitton

Mulberry Bayswater Tote Review

Mulberry Bayswater Tote Honest Review – Worth The Money?

I have been using the Mulberry bayswater tote in the color Oak for more than 8 months now and I think its a good time to share my honest opinion and also tell you whether its worth your money or not. 

I bought this bag before thanks giving last year and I have been actively using it now, so lets see how it rates.

A little bit about Mulberry

Mulberry was founded in 1971 and is a UK based luxury brand. The bags are also manufactured in UK. So, obviously, the brand has its presence for 50 years now,  so I am pretty sure they have good knowledge about there products and how to make the best ones. 

What instantly stood out to me is that they stand for bags made to last. Its their claim, and honestly when it comes to a work tote, or a travel tote, I was looking for something that will last for a while. 

Moreover, Mulberry supports and is working towards improving climate conditions with zero emission focus. Read more about it here. And as someone who values what we leave behind for our future, I really want to see more fashion brands get on board that. 

Image courtesy - Mulberry

What I Bought?

I wanted a versatile bag that I can take to work, travel and for random errands as well. I usually don’t carry tote bags, its not my style. So, they are used purely for functional purposes. That is why I wanted a bag that I can wear with any colored outfits and any style of outfits. 

But more importantly, I wanted something in decent size. I actually went to the store to try on the bag before pulling the trigger. Even if you are shopping online, sometimes trying it on physically helps a lot. 

The color of the Bayswater bag I picked is called oak, but it looks Cognac to me. The interior lining in almost black, navy blue. And I bought it for $900 + tax which is almost a $1000. 

It might seem cheap for regular luxury shopper, but its still a lot of money. 


Mind you that any style of tote bag is a bit narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. But the measurements are taken of the base because that is where you keep your stuff. 

Below are the measurements:

  • Bottom Width – 14 1/4 inch
  • Top width – 18 1/2 inch
  • Height – 11 1/2 inch
  • Depth – 5 inch
  • Handle height – 10 1/4 inch

Does a Laptop Fit?

This is the biggest question you would ask specially if you are buying this tote for work. And this is also where most of us go wrong. When we think of a 15 inch laptop, its not the width or height of the laptop.

Its actually the diagonal measurements of the screen. Now, I own a 16 inch MacBook Pro and here are the measurements. 

Laptop & Mulberry Tote
Laptop inside the Mulberry Tote bag


The outer shell is made of soft cow grained leather. The leather looks stiff but its actually really soft but sturdy. And the grained leather is treated to protect it from stains and abrasion. I love how the grained leather looks so rich and luxurious in the cognac color. It looks like almost double the price. 

The inner shell is suede leather in almost darkest blue. I am honestly glad that its not black because it would have been a big contrast. 

There is a lighter shade of stitching detail that elevates the bag. I have been using the bag for sometime, and I have not seen any loose stitching so, its really made well. 

Look & Feel

Mulberry bags in general have a bohemian and cozy rich vibe to them. They look like they have a classic style and can be worn comfortably with diverse styles of  outfits. And the Mulberry Bayswater tote definitely speaks for it. The band around the front of the bag adds more detail and elevates the plain tote style of the bag. 

I have been looking for a tote bag for a while and the bayswater bag, just spoke to me. That is why I kept going back to it over and over again. You would usually see a logo or color contrast or prints in most luxury totes, but the Mulberry bayswater tote bag looks very different from all of them. 

It has the simplistic design but it also has a well thought through design that separates it from all designer bags. And the grained leather just adds more luxury to it. I love how amazing the whole thing is and if I had to go back, I will buy this bag in another color for sure. 

Durability & Longevity

I have been using this bag since last year Thanksgiving where I took the bag to a trip to Egypt. So, I packed this bag like anything, shoved it in to Shelves and racks. I have thrown it into hotel rooms without much care or thinking of what I have put in it. And I was pleasantly surprised that it stood the test of all of that. 

You know when you head for a trip, you are not really focused on how your luxury products are doing, but you want them to work their hardest. And this bag will not disappoint you at all. 

I have also taken it to Work trip where I have walked miles carrying my laptop, charger and all of that. And there was no issue with the material sagging or the handles getting impacted. 

Handle Height

I wanted to point this out and highlight it. That is why it gets its own section. Handle height is key factor to a good tote bag that you can stuff items in without worrying whether you can carry to on your shoulders. 

This was one big functionality, that I never paid attention to while purchasing any of my earlier bags and I always ended up disliking the bag I chose. But the Mulberry Bayswater tote bag with 10 1/4 inch handle drop is perfect for me. I can stuff and make the bag wide and still be able to carry it with ease. 

The thickness of the straps also help adjust the weight, so carrying it on your shoulders is not as painful.

Top Colors & Where to Buy

Depending on your personal style, you might want to pick a neutral tone bag or pick a colorful one. But I have to say its so hard to decide with this bag, because they really do a great job with picking right shade combinations that will elevate this bag. So, I am sharing some of my favorite options. 

You can always buy them directly from the Mulberry website. But here are some of my favorite online stores to shop it from – 

But the best value for money you will get from shopping from Nordstrom because you can apply for Nordy plan, do double points and get a gift card for yourself to shop for something else. Isn’t that awesome. 

Sharing some of my favorite colors that you will love.


Shop Them Below
Date Night Outfit With Maxi Dress

Date Night Outfit With Maxi Dress

Maxi dress – Boden // Sandals – Michael Kors [Sold Out – Similar here] // Cardigan – & Other Stories [Similar] // Bag – Chloe // Sunglasses – Dior

Denim Shirt Spring Outfit

Denim Shirt Spring Outfit

Denim Shirt – Loft // Wide Leg Jeans – Loft // Check Cropped Blazer – Ann Taylor // Espadrilles – Castaner // Sunglasses – Chloe // Bag – Chloe

Chic Spring Maxi Skirt Outfit

Chic Spring Maxi Skirt Outfit

Puff Sleeve Blouse – Ann Taylor // Tiered Maxi Skirt – Boden // Pink Short Coat – Mango // Black Espadrilles – Castaner // Sunglasses – Valentino // Bag – Louis Vuitton

How to Repeat Your Outfits Without Looking Boring

How to Repeat Your Outfits Without Looking Boring

If you are wondering whether you can or should repeat your outfits and how you can do it efficiently and still feel stylish and have fun? Then you have come to the right post. I am sharing some easy ways I have been able to do it lately without feeling guilty or the pressure of constantly updating my wardrobe. 

There are a few factors that we need to understand before you can jump in and take the steps. Because if you don’t have the mind set change, you will never be able to enjoy the process of being an outfit repeater. 

So, let’s get started. 

What I am covering in this post:

Why You Should Repeat Outfits

Let’s start with why you should repeat outfits because sometimes you might not feel the reasons strongly. This is often the biggest reason why women feel compelled to shopping more and more. This brings me to all the reasons why you should wear outfits again:

  • You will start shopping smart. When you wear same or similar clothes over and over again, you would know exactly what you need and you will be inclined to invest in pieces that are high quality instead of cheaper but poor quality ones.
  • You will dress effortlessly. Practice makes everything better and the same applies to putting together outfits. When you do that over and over again, you get better at it. 
  • You will build a personal style. I have a whole video that explains how to build your personal style, and this is a key step to that. 
  • You will feel more confident. This is a cascading effect of being able to put together your outfits better. 
Shop The Look

[Top] | [Jeans] | [Coat] | [Oxford Pumps]

What Does Repeating Outfits Mean Exactly?

Repeating your outfits does not mean to exactly wear the same top and bottom everyday. This also does not mean you are repeating the same combination again and again. So, let’s see what does repeating your looks exactly entail.

  • Building an outfit formula. And it does not have to be the same outfit formula. Coming up with a few clothing combinations that you know will always look good on you. For me, I know that Straight leg jeans and a nice relaxed fit top looks great on me. So, I repeat the outfit formula in different combinations of top and jeans. The same way I know that a fit and flare dress always looks great on me, so no matter what color or print I pick, I know what silhouette of the dress I need to get which will flatter me the most. 
  • Coming up with a color combination formula. This is another combination of top and bottom that you would be wearing and picking common color combos that look good together or they flatter you the most. You can then confidently put together outfits knowing that and create outfits that look amazing on you.

Benefits of Repeating Outfits

There are some clear benefits of repeating your looks:

  • You will look chic and stylish every time because you have figured out what looks great on you.
  • You will pay attention to details and in the process build your own signature style. 
  • You will save time rather than getting frustrated with putting together outfits.
  • You will love what you wear and you will confident about it. 
  • You will actually start investing in your closet and value that instead of looking at clothes & your wardrobe as wear and throw.

How to Not get Bored

This is what most of us are afraid of when we think about repeating clothes. We don’t want to get bored with our style. Now, please don’t avoid this if you really want to be an outfit repeater. Because, in the process if you do get bored, you will hate it and will never be able to find your true style.

There 3 easy ways you can repeat your outfits without getting bored.

Play with Colors

This is my favorite way of staying on trend and on season without really switching out my outfit formula. In winter I would wear a black jeans and top, but I use the same outfit combination in spring by switching the color. Instead of black jeans, I would pick blue jeans. 

The same applies to my dresses, or even skirts and tops. Just by switching colors you can easily repeat outfits but not really repeat outfits. 


Accessories can change everything and this applies your outfit repeating game as well. Easiest way would be switching the jewelries you are wearing. Or change the watch. 

You can also switch handbags, belts scarfs. 

But my most favorite ones are sunglasses. This is an awesome way of transforming the same look to another. 

Play with Prints & Patterns

This is something I have been experimenting a lot lately. I have been adding more prints to my looks and this definitely changes up the entire outfit, without a lot of effort. 

My recommendation would be not to add prints or patterns together or in both clothing pieces. Just change your top or outerwear with a print or pattern piece and you will see a completely different outfit. 

This way you are still refreshing your look, but you are not compromising on the fit and style of the garment. 

Share your favorite outfit formulas and let me know how you want me to help you elevate it and change it up. Also, don’t forget to grab a free 30 days of outfit formulas that will help you create looks effortlessly when you don’t have time for it.