Pink Blazer – Starting Spring With my Favorite Color

I was always a bit iffy when I look at a pink blazer, Is it too girly? I mean as a girl, I always dreamt of a vibrant pink blazer that would bring out the Carrie Bradshaw in me. The eclectic feeling of Power in the most feminine color.

But is pink really just too feminine. A color that is meant to stand out in the crowd of grays and browns and reds. Pink has its own vibe, dont you think? I have always been infatuated by the power of pink. There is something about it that is enticing and yet so soft. I think I call it the color of love.

When I look at something pink, I feel happy and as well as a sense standing out or you can say brightness looking at it. There is some softness in the vibrant shade that invites you to know it. And let’s be honest, I feel like everyone should wear pink and it specially looks amazing on Guys. 

I had literally stopped wearing pink when my daughter was born because suddenly my world was painted pink completely. Not because she is a girl and I wanted her to wear pink, but because that was the color that she totally wanted to wear always. She loved everything pink!

Fast forward today, she would run away from something pink. Isn’t it crazy how we grow and how fast our likeness changes. I have been slowly bringing the pink color palette into my closet and with this Valentine’s day I wanted to go full blown into the Pink world of fashion. This blazer was actually late to my Valentine’s day lookbook and I was really upset about it. But the moment I wore it, it changed my entire mood. The soft pastel pink hues just made me want to wear it over and over again.

The shade of this pink blazer from Cece is such a fresh change from all the fall clothes that I instantly decided to keep it. Though I bought a size bigger than my usual, and had to repurchase the smaller size, I feel like this is going to live in my closet for years. Its the perfect pink that i need. Its a boyfriend fit( and I am not even sure why we call it a boyfriend fit ) which is perfect for an all day wear.

I feel like all blazers should be relaxed fit since for women, its not just a layer, its a peice of clothing that defines our style. And this blazer just does that, I am sharing two ways I styled this blazer and to be honest, you will probably see me more than once rocking these styles, because they are beautiful and empowering. The first look will be my go to look in terms of Power look with a spanish twist with the Borderie top that I bought last summer. You know me, I love mixing something new with something old. Pairing this outfit with my faux leather trousers from BCBGMaxazria which is my closet essential this year. And ofcourse, heels that give you the power lady look.

The second look is my Bohemian twist to the outfit, which if you follow me is something that I always love to wear. I paired this with my favorite fall dress from Anthropologie which is something new and my dior glasses which you will literally see me wearing everyday. And its the perfect time to bring out my Castaner wedges that I bought last year which are evergreen wedges for spring summer. I love how feminine and yet functional this outfit is. Something that I have always loved in every look that I create. The flow of the dress contrasts with the structure of the blazer as well as the dress which is perfect for work and party.

Sharing some amazing Pink blazers that you want to wear to kickstart your spring weather with this amazing and vibrant color.

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